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Modernize Your Wi-Fi Back-End

Keeping up with the rapid developments in the Wi-Fi industry and modernizing your existing Wi-Fi service management back-end has never been easier. The Enea Aptilo Wi-Fi Service Management Platform as a Service (SMP-S) has the same rich features as our award-winning Enea Aptilo SMP.

Don’t miss to explore Enea Aptilo Wi-Fi SMP and all its functions.

World’s #1 platform as a service

Enea Aptilo Wi-Fi SMP-S

The Enea Aptilo Wi-Fi Service Management Platform as a Service (SMP-S) is the industry’s first complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to launch and monetize Wi-Fi services. It caters to all service provider Wi-Fi business models, from seamless and secure offload of mobile data traffic to B2B guest Wi-Fi services and Wi-Fi IoT connectivity.

The SMP-S is hosted as a dedicated instance per customer at Amazon Web Services (AWS). This enables service providers to have a self-contained secure service with the same flexibility to tailor-make the award-winning functions as the Enea Aptilo Wi-Fi SMP software provides for on-premise deployment. It is simply a fully-fledged Aptilo SMP delivered as a service rather than software.

How to Keep Up?

Wi-Fi 6/6E is happening along with PasspointOpenRoaming, and IoT on top of a strong B2B trend. These are just a few of the most recent developments in the Wi-Fi industry. More exciting things have happened in the last few years than in the previous decade. How can you keep up with this rapid development as a Wi-Fi service provider, especially if you have a home-grown or legacy Wi-Fi service management system that needs continuous development and maintenance?

More developments in Wi-Fi industry last few years than the last decade.

Modernize Your Carrier Wi-Fi Backend

The answer is, do not reinvent the wheel! Utilize functionality that already exists. Aptilo Wi-Fi SMP constantly adds new functions driven by some of our 100+ service provider deployments. Through our Aptilo Wi-Fi SMP as a Service (SMP-S), you can cherry-pick the functions you need and add them as a service we host and manage for you. The SMP-S can be deployed as a hybrid service to enhance your existing Wi-Fi service management software with support for the latest technology developments. Service providers do not need to perform a costly replacement of their entire system to keep up.

Enabled by the Enea Aptilo Venue Wi-Fi Manager (VWM) functionality, each service provider can manage their multi-tenant B2B guest Wi-Fi services and allow their business customers to view their analytics and manage captive portalsWi-Fi Marketing, and end-user privacy for their sites.

Organizations can choose from various login methods to onboard visitors to their Wi-Fi service, including social media, Office 365, surveys, and online payments. They can also use valuable insights gained from users to monetize indirectly by providing targeted GDPR compliant advertising through banners and SMS or email.

Enea Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi SaaS enriching existing service management systems
  • Wi-Fi service management ‘in the Cloud’ should immediately accelerate CSPs’ ability to launch new functionality and add services alongside existing systems to secure new revenues. Enea’s Wi-Fi service management offers multitenant B2B customer self-management while ensuring the correct handling of consent and use of personal data. These capabilities now make it far easier to monetize Wi-Fi and create valuable experiences for subscribers. Carrier Wi-Fi SaaS is a game-changer for CSPs and their business customers.
    Sue Rudd
    Director of Networks and Service Platforms
    Strategy Analytics

Cloud or No Cloud, That’s the Question

Whether you select SMP as a service or SMP as on-premise software, you will have the same feature sets and flexibility with a pay-as-you-grow model available, both in functionality and volume. Both options allow you to tailor functions and integrate them with your core and legacy systems. So, as a service provider, what should you choose? Let’s make a high-level comparison between the two options.

The main difference is that with the SMP-S, service providers can focus on their core business rather than the operational management of the platform and financial planning. Enea staff manage the operation of the SMP platform, and you receive a predictable invoice at the end of the month. SMP-S comes with a 24/7 service level agreement (SLA).

Enea Aptilo Wi-Fi SMP software versus Aptilo Wi-Fi SMP-S service

Tailor-Made or Fast-Track – You Decide

As discussed, the SMP-S is a unique service for each customer. It is fully flexible and can be tailored according to their needs.

In contrast, service providers who want to deploy B2B Guest Wi-Fi services can fast-track through the Enea Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud (GWC). Here we have collected our most-requested B2B guest Wi-Fi functions with support for the most popular Wi-Fi vendors.

According to our best practices, the functionality is pre-set, serving multiple service providers from the same highly scalable service.

Service providers who need a fully-featured Carrier Wi-Fi solution, with integrations to their existing core and legacy systems, should consider the SMP as a service or the on-premise software option.

Wi-Fi SMP as a service versus Enea Guest Wi-Fi Cloud