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World’s #1 System for Large-Scale Wi-Fi Deployments

Trusted by Cisco, CommScope (Ruckus), Ericsson, Nokia, and 100+ operators for its proven scalability, flexibility, and stability, Enea Aptilo SMP is the world’s #1 Wi-Fi service management system for large-scale deployments.

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Everything Service Provider Wi-Fi Service Management

The Enea Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP) is an award-winning next-generation system to manage and monetize large-scale Wi-Fi services. Our flexible platform facilitates easy and scalable service delivery, security, administration, and monitoring. Smart and innovative functionality have been added since 2001 through our more than 100 demanding service provider deployments worldwide. We support a seamless and secure user experience through Passpoint (Hotspot 2.0) and an engaging and privacy protected user experience through captive portals with optional survey functionality. Learn more about how we help carriers worldwide to succeed with their Service Provider Wi-Fi business.


Wi-Fi service management monetize Wi-Fi directly and indirectly

Covering All Wi-Fi Business Models

Enea Aptilo SMP covers everything a Communication Service Provider (CSP) needs to monetize Wi-Fi directly and indirectly; Operators deploying a carrier-class Wi-Fi service with or without offloading; Operators offering managed corporate Wi-Fi and guest Wi-Fi for their business customers. They all need the Enea Aptilo Service Management Platform to succeed.

A CSP can chose to use the 3GPP AAA functionality built into the Enea Aptilo Wi-Fi service management platform or use the Enea Access Manager if a 3GPP AAA is all they need to support their Wi-Fi Calling services.

Enea Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi service management functions are Wi-Fi hardware vendor agnostic

Vendor Agnostic Wi-Fi Service Management Platform

The Enea Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi service management makes a Wi-Fi network into a Wi-Fi service; it is the crucial glue between the Wi-Fi equipment and the OSS / BSS systems.

Aptilo’s ever-growing list of ecosystem partners with proven interoperability allows operators to be vendor-agnostic and select the combination of various radio infrastructure and gateway vendors offering the best price/performance.

It is one thing to say that you are vendor-agnostic, but through our numerous deployments, you can be sure to get field-proven interoperability. We have made many essential adaptations toward leading Wi-Fi AP and gateway vendors.

With Enea Aptilo SMP, you will get pre-enabled support for infrastructure from vendors such as Aruba, Benu, CommScope (Ruckus), Cisco, Cisco MerakiEricssonHuawei, and Nokia.

Pre-integrated functions

Pre-integrated Functionality for Fast-Track Deployments

Enea Aptilo SMP is a purpose-built carrier-grade system for control of billing, user services, and access to Wi-Fi networks. It features tight integration between policy and real-time charging functions from the start and boasts a multitude of value-added functionalities. Click on the icons below to learn more about the main functionalities.

Many of these functions are part of the Aptilo SMP core platform. The Aptilo SMP core platform also features functions for linear scalability and availability and system reporting. New “intelligence” and advanced logic can easily be added as configuration through the Aptilo ServiceGlue™ concept.

Aptilo SMP works in concert with all leading Wi-Fi gateways and our own Aptilo Access Controller™.

Enea Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi service management in MNO, MSO and Cable operator's networks

Some core and optional functions

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  • Aptilo has deserved our trust after six years of flawless operation of some of our most important Public Wi-Fi Core functions. Merging all Public Wi-Fi Core functions to Aptilo SMP will reduce risk, increase our operational efficiency and save costs. We will also get a more rapid growth in new functionality and innovations as we share the same software with many other leading operators.
    Nadim Ganam
    Product Manager Public WLAN
  • There has been zero downtime for 12 years with the Aptilo managed service. Aptilo makes operating Swedavia Wi-Fi across ten airports, with multiple terminals, simple. The service bring us the opportunity to reach 40 million visitors yearly.
    Pia Lundström
    Manager IT Platforms
  • Managing Wi-Fi services with 400,000+ access points (including homespot) and 70 million users across 17,000 islands puts extreme demands on the Wi-Fi service management core platform.
    Irwan Indriastanto
    Senior Manager Wireless Product
    Telkom Indonesia
  • Aptilo creates a ‘sticky’ guest Wi-Fi that drives customer engagement,” said José Pascoal, NOS Service Platforms Director. “It is also an important source of additional revenue which benefits NOS and our enterprise customers.
    José Pascoal
    Service Platforms Director
  • We are pleased to work with Aptilo as we deploy Smart Wifi nationwide to make quality connectivity more accessible to more Filipinos,” said Jovy Hernandez, Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise for PLDT and Smart.
    Jovy Hernandez
    Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise for PLDT and Smart
  • People from all over the world will flock to Brazil to celebrate the World Cup and 2016 Olympics. The ability to offload mobile data to Wi-Fi will ease network congestion significantly and increase data speeds, for an exceptional user experience.
    Rafael Marquez
    Marketing Director at TIM Intelig
  • We were looking for a vendor-agnostic solution that could match our high ambitions in scaling our Wi-Fi business both in terms of volume and functionality, and at the same time have a platform that will allow Batelco and its enterprise customers to engage with the Wi-Fi users.
    Abderrahmane Mounir
    General Manager Enterprise
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