Voice Protection

Voice Firewall

Reduce voice fraud, minimize abuse of voice services, comply with regulators requirements and strengthen your brand with the Enea AdaptiveMobile Voice Firewall.

Voice Protection

Combat Voice Service Threats, Mitigate Voice Frauds, Protect Your Revenues

According to the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) – Fraud Loss Survey 2021, the total amount of telecom revenue loss due to fraud is estimated to be $39.89 Billion USD per annum. With many of the top fraud methods being voice related, MNOs need a way forward to combat this menacing trend.


Enea’s Voice Protection can help Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) take the right steps to tackle the growing challenges to their mobile voice services.

Recent examples include helping operators address the pressure from regulators to clamp down on number spoofing, reducing subscriber complaints of fraudulent calls and overcharging, and helping MNOs avoid lost voice call revenues.

We uniquely solved the spoofing of subscriber numbers in a way that other vendors couldn’t.

Mitigating Voice Threats and Frauds

Enea can provide the tools to help MNOs to mitigate the damage caused by a broad range of voice threats and frauds such as Spoofed numbers, Wangiri calls, Flash calls and SIM Box (Interconnect Bypass).

*Communications Fraud Control Association – Fraud Loss Survey 2021

The Enea AdaptiveMobile Voice Firewall dynamic rules-based system enables rapid deployment, which can be further adjusted on-the-fly to detect and block unwanted voice calls, using information gathered from our global customer community and third-party feeds.

In addition, the Enea AdaptiveMobile Voice Firewall can detect and block in real-time, and detect complex threats using powerful multiprotocol analysis.


Rapid Deployment and Scalable, Resilient Architecture

Support for geographically distributed Voice Firewalls, centralized management and reporting.

Trusted architecture at scale in Tier 1 operators.

Located at strategic network positions to ensure blocking of known and emerging attacks.


Dynamic Rules and Machine Learning

Dynamic, powerful rule definitions working in combination with smart ML algorithms, across an exhaustive list of fields.

Support for ISUP/SIP/CAMEL/MAP/CAP/TCAP /SCCP/Sigtran/ Diameter/GTP-C/HTTP/2.

Enhanced beyond GSMA Cat 1, 2 and 3 and Low-Layer attack detection based on continual real world data analysis and research from across 5 continents.


Real-time Call Fraud Detection and Voice Attack Blocking

Industry leading delivery of active security for networks, blocking threats in real-time.

Minimal false positives.

Flexibility to perform passive analysis, active blocking, or combinations of these, all in real-time.


Multi-Protocol Call Analysis and Correlation

Powerful Multiprotocol Analysis and Correlation across ISUP/SIP/ CAMEL/SS7/Diameter/GTP-C and 5G.

Security Analysis and Research work together on world-class protection.

Continued market leading technology innovations.


Voice Threat Information and Security Expertise

Support for information sharing with open APIs for external analytics platforms and fault management systems (FMSs).

Enea AdaptiveMobile’s world leading threat information available with global coverage.

Advanced threat reporting with drilldown to full details of the original source data.

Voice Firewall

Contact us to learn how the Enea AdaptiveMobile Voice Firewall can detect and block complex threats in real-time using powerful multiprotocol analysis.

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