CPaaS Security Solutions & Fraud Protection

Tackling Messaging Security Phishing Threats

CPaaS providers must be able to defend their infrastructure from bad actors and be able to make proactive and insightful business decisions based on analytical data.

Protecting the communications from a brand to its customers is critical to maintaining trust. Pollution of this communications channel through phishing and spam will have a detrimental impact on reputation and profitability.

However important this protection is for CPaaS platform it is also critical that they gain market compliance and competitive advantage using insights and analytics.

Trusted Security Solution

Some of the largest Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) providers put their trust in Enea AdaptiveMobile’s award-winning security solutions.

Enea AdaptiveMobile CPaaS customers


CPaaS Threat Detection and Intelligence

To win this battle against advanced threat actors your infrastructure will be continually tested for weaknesses, security will be defined by your ability to effectively manage and maintain the integrity of your defences. It is critical that CPaaS platform providers can prioritize and respond to ever changing security attacks effectively and efficiently, leveraging global and regional threat intelligence.

The Evolving Landscape of CPaaS in A2P Messaging: Navigating Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

There is a new wave of emerging challenges for CPaaS, aggregators and anyone involved in the handling of A2P messages. Increasing regulatory and carrier code of conduct compliance obligations, the rising cost of SMS that creates a catalyst for new types of fraud, and the evolving sophistication of phishing and attack tactics all threaten the CPaaS A2P model.

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