Network Traffic Classification & DPI

Monetize & Scale Securely Data Access

Measure & Manage Network Quality of Service & Experience (QOS & QOE)

Analyze Encrypted Traffic (TLS 1.3, ECH, DOH, QUIC)

Enable safe family, enterprise, IoT and regulator-based policies

Mobile & Fixed Line – Network DPI

Shine a light on Encrypted Data Access

With approximately 2 billion websites today and 60k apps created per month on Google Play alone and 5G traffic 3-4X the volume of 4G, it is plain to see that internet access is a fast-moving environment for mobile and fixed data access. As a communication service provider you are the gateway to access and you need the tools to scale to meet demand combined with the intelligence to classify and manage traffic.

96%-98% of data traffic is encrypted, new in network capabilities based on deep knowledge of protocol stack and behaviors are needed. This is labelled as deep packet inspection but if the packet is encrypted then smart functions to look at the protocol, 2 way flow and destination – creating and modelling traffic signatures to analyze and classify encrypted traffic are needed. Using signatures across mobile, fixed and enterprise access is Enea’s Network Deep Packet Inspection capability – a foundation to develop new revenue generating services (B2B and B2C) as well advancing policies to protect users and prevent fraud.

Advancing AI & Machine learning capabilities require data for modelling – in turn, analytics data requires two basic elements – coverage (regular updates for new application content & protocol changes) and accuracy. Services to measure quality of experience in real time, to develop enterprise zero rating capabilities, to provide new data quota packages for fixed and mobile data bundling apps as well as protecting data access for families all depend on good data.

Enea’ Traffic Classification delivers accurate classification and analytic data – real time to build out new subscriber services and network quality of experience. Ensuring users and devices have the right, protected, experience for their environment.

The combination of Cloud Native , Software Scale, matching & exceeding performance of fixed DPI physical boxes enabling agile deployment at core or edge.

Major Challenges Faced by Telecom Service Providers:

Can New Monetization Models Be Created?



Traffic Analysis to measure & maintain quality of service & experience!


Customer/Data access be protected from unwanted content/sites!


Can all the traffic be analyzed for Consumption and Capacity Management?


DPI Classification & Monetization Use Cases

The combination of Enea’s core platform, encrypted traffic analysis, deep packet inspection – Traffic Classifier (using Enea’s Qosmos ixEngine) and enforcement capability with Traffic Filter provide operators with a comprehensive toolkit for the following use cases:

  • Enterprise BYOD Content and Policy Control; Regulator Enforced Policy
  • Parental Content Filtering – eg block malware, phishing, adult sites
  • Advanced Access – time of day/day of week; app signatures and activity based oversight and enforcement
  • Enterprise data access – defined set of application content for zero-rating


Enea’s Network DPI and categorization, cloud native software components provide an agile, comprehensive, network-based solution for analysis, classification, and enforcement.

Traffic filter and management capabilities combine with traffic classification and analysis to deliver a comprehensive set of use cases so that users and revenue can be assured at the same point in-network data path.

Enea Traffic Classifier

Protect Your Revenue — Generate New Revenue

Enea Traffic Filter

Protect Your Users

The Future of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

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The solution also uses the best in class Embedded DPI signatures of Enea’s Qosmos ixEngine 
Looking for Embedded DPI ? 

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