DPI Classification and Monetization

Protection from harmful/illegal content, categorization for encrypted and unencrypted traffic, enabling family, corporate and regulator-based policies

Shine a light on the Encrypted Mobile Internet

With approximately 2 billion websites today and 60,000 apps created per month on Google Play alone, it is plain to see that the mobile internet is a fast-moving environment. The rate of change, the volume of data, and the extent of encryption add a whole new dimension to the mix.

Use advanced deep packet and flow inspection capabilities to build policies and services for a new diverse set of use cases – enabling user protection combined with developing monetization opportunities. Ensuring users and devices have the right, protected experience for their environment.

Major Challenges Faced by Operators:

Can customers’ access be protected from unwanted content/sites?
Can traffic be analyzed & packet inspected to avoid revenue loss?
Can all the traffic be analyzed for consumption and capacity trends?

DPI Classification & Monetization Use Cases

The combination of Enea’s core platform, encrypted traffic analysis, deep packet inspection – Traffic Classifier (using Enea’s Qosmos ixEngine) and enforcement capability with Traffic Filter provide operators with a comprehensive toolkit for the following use cases:

  • Parental Content Filtering – eg block malware, phishing, adult sites
  • Enterprise BYOD Content and Policy Control; Regulator Enforced Policy
  • Advanced Access – time of day/day of week; app and activity based oversight and enforcement


Enea’s virtualized DPI and categorization software components provide an agile, comprehensive, network-based solution for analysis, classification, and enforcement.

Traffic filter and management capabilities combine with traffic classification and analysis to deliver a comprehensive set of use cases so that users and revenue can be assured at the same point in-network data path.


Enea Traffic Filter

Protect Your Users



Enea Traffic Classifier

Protect Your Revenue

The Future of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

A Survey of Product Managers Reveals the Top Challenges Facing Telecom, Networking & Security Solution Vendors

The solution also uses the best in class embedded DPI signatures of Enea’s Qosmos ixEngine 
Looking for Embedded DPI ? 

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