Maximizing Agility at the Network Edge

Delivering applications in a cloud-native world demands an agility in networking that has not been available in the past.

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Lightweight vCPE platform for high performance and low footprint, virtualizing anything from 2-core ARM-based devices to x86 Xeon servers.

Enea NFV Access

Carrier-grade Software Platform for Central Office and POP

Commercial multi-architecture implementation of OPNFV for network operators, service providers, and TEMs/NEPs.

Enea NFV Core

Service chaining for vCPE Solutions

Enabling service function chaining and new value-added services.

Enea Service Function Chaining

High-Performance, POSIX Compatible, Multicore RTOS

Shortens development time, enhances reliability and reduces lifetime maintenance costs for a wide range of systems in multiple verticals.

Enea OSE

The Enea blog

Vendors would, in the past, package hardware and software together. In this horizontal world, we’re splitting that. The bundling and selling of vertical silos won’t work anymore.

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NFV benefits to operators

NFV trends and particularly vCPE benefits to operators, along an exposé of commercial software solutions.

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Video webinar

How to overcome performance vs. feature trade-offs in Linux?

White paper

This white paper written by ACG Research talks about maximizing the agility at the networking edge.

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