Consent & Personal Data Management

Privacy is key in the digital age.

Consent & Personal Data Management

Privacy Matters

A Wi-Fi service is an excellent platform for hyper-targeted marketing, and users understand that if they consume a free service, they are likely “the product” themselves. Taking care of users’ privacy is more important than ever in the digital age, where user profile data is the new currency.


award-winning & GDPR Compliant

Flexible Privacy Management Solution

Our customers have been asking for consent management and personal data management tools to get end-users’ consent to use their personal data for marketing. They also want to give end-users transparent access to that personal information. In some markets, such as Europe, with its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it’s required by law. In all markets, it makes common business sense. And, since GDPR is one of the more strict regulations out there, our GDPR-compliant solution means that you have your back covered.

Are you using a central consent and personal data management system for all your different services, including Wi-Fi? Or are you looking for an end-to-end solution just for your Wi-Fi service? Either way, the flexible Enea Aptilo SMP with its award-winning consent and personal data management solution will deliver what you need.

With us, you can even minimize the load on your customer service organization. Use the Enea Aptilo SMP Privacy Self-Management module to let end-users manage their consent and personal data.

Don’t miss to explore Enea Aptilo Wi-Fi SMP and all its functions.

Get an overview of our award-winning consent and personal data management solution that works in concert with the Enea Aptilo SMP.

The functions in Enea Aptilo SMP award-winning GDPR-compliant solution

Deployment Scenarios

How much of the Aptilo consent & personal data management features do you need? It depends on who you are. A large operator with many different services may want its central system. A conference center may wish to have an integrated end-to-end solution for their Wi-Fi service. Below we will show the three most common deployment scenarios.

The base in all scenarios is the Enea Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP), with inherent functionality for personal data protection:

  • A configurable time that raw personal data are saved (we recommend max 30 days)
  • Aggregate and thus anonymize session data for analytics (configurable time)
  • Centralized log function with support for external Syslog
  • Audit log – who has done what in the system
  • Automatic purge of accounts after expiration
  • Separation of account information from system information in backups
  • Support for export of personal data


Privacy Self-Management

Our GDPR compliant consent management and personal data management solution with privacy self-management

If saving operational costs is a priority, you most likely want this. It does not get more efficient than our complete concept of privacy self-management. The end-users can handle their consent and personal data, so your employees don’t have to.

Everything, including captive portals with their consent pop-ups, is integrated into one package.

How Users Can Access Privacy Self-Management

How do users get access to handle their consent and personal data? It’s up to you. We offer a host of options.

  • Captive Portal
  • E-mail after login
  • Sms after login
  • Sent from customer care
  • Your website


Handled by Customer Care

Our personal GDPR-compliant solution handled by the customer service department Do you want to save on our privacy self-management option? Do you have other reasons your customer care should handle the process? Then this deployment scenario is for you. Your customer care organization handles all requests from users. They administrate users’ consent and personal data. You must, of course, identify end-users when they contact customer care. Send a pin code to them via a verified e-mail or SMS address.

Make it as automatic as possible

Some legislation, such as the European GDPR, requires you to erase all personal data upon request from the end-user. You must do so within 30 days (GDPR).

If you have to let your customer care handle this, we recommend that you use an automatic feature in Aptilo SMP. Configure it to, after 30 days for GDPR, aggregate all personal data and erase it in logs. You will still reap the benefits of aggregated and anonymized analytics. But, there will be no trace of personal data left after the 30 days.

You may also set user accounts to purge after 30 days. This way, your customer service organization does not even have to delete the account. They can just say, “We will erase all your personal data within 30 days.”

The best option of all is to use our privacy self-management features. Many users would love to let you keep their data, just as long as you send them relevant information and offers.

Enea Aptilo SMP as an Adjunct Solution

Add our GDPR-compliant solution to your existing Wi-Fi service management solution

Do you like what you see above but can’t switch to Enea Aptilo SMP? (At least not right now). This scenario is for you. The Aptilo consent and personal data management features as an adjunct GDPR-compliant solution to your existing system (third-party Wi-Fi Service Management System or AAA server). We can deliver the solution on AWS through the Enea Aptilo Wi-Fi SMP as a Service offering.

Integrate the Aptilo consent management with your existing system through our REST API. The Aptilo personal data management, including the privacy self-management features, can be easily integrated if you can adapt to our REST API. If not, we will need to make a custom integration for the personal data management part.

Using Third-Party System

Use an existing system and integrate it with Enea Aptilo SMP In this scenario, you have a central third-party system to handle consent and personal data for all your services, not just your Wi-Fi services. The Aptilo SMP is still there with all the inherent functionalities for personal data protection. The third-party system interacts, via a REST API, with the personal data collected in Enea Aptilo SMP. In this scenario, we have also assumed that a third-party captive portal is used, as it must be tightly integrated with the third-party consent and personal data system. It is possible to use the Aptilo SMP Captive Portal instead, but you will require the same integration as mentioned above.

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