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Venue Wi-Fi: Handle all B2B customers from one scalable platform

Enea Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager

Scalable B2B Guest Wi-Fi Services

Use the award-winning Enea Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager to provide attractive guest Wi-Fi services to venues and business customers. The multitenancy architecture is highly scalable. You may provide services to all your B2B customer from the same platform.

Venue Wi-Fi – a Growth Opportunity for Operators

Venue Wi-Fi. People expect to get guest Wi-Fi at venues. Most venues and businesses already offer Wi-Fi, but too often, it’s only based on best effort and doesn’t utilize the full business value of guest Wi-Fi with marketing for user engagement and analytics. This is an opportunity for operators to replace an existing Wi-Fi service with a carrier-class one, creating opportunities for venues and businesses far beyond keeping visitors happy. Guest Wi-Fi is also an opportunity for service providers to grow their business and sell other types of services to B2B customers while gaining an additional Wi-Fi footprint for their subscribers.

We have designed the Enea Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager (VWM) with the service provider in mind. Our multitenancy captive portal management and Wi-Fi analytics architecture combined with a modern state-of-the-art GUI and end-user marketing and engagement features have only one purpose:

To make it effective and easy for service providers to roll out B2B and B2B2C Wi-Fi services to venues and businesses.

The Enea Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP), powered with the VWM module, gives you one system to handle all Wi-Fi services. It features the right tools to provide a managed guest Wi-Fi service to venues and enterprises, and you can also enable the Carrier Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Offload features in the Aptilo SMP if you so choose.

Don’t want want to operate your own managed guest Wi-Fi service? Then, let Enea’s experts run the platform for you. The full functionality of Enea Aptilo SMP and VWM, tailored to your needs, is available on Amazon AWS through Enea Aptilo SMP as a Service.
You can always move into in-house operation at a later stage.

Service Providers and businesses that want to fast-track their deployments with our Guest Wi-Fi best practices with limited integration and customization options may go for the  Enea Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud instead.

Don’t miss to explore Enea Aptilo Wi-Fi SMP and all its functions.

Enea Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager (VWM)

Enea Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager (VWM)

A True Multitenancy Venue Wi-Fi Platform

Enea Aptilo Venue Wi-Fi Manager provides multitenancy support in its broadest sense. You can run all your B2B customers from the same scalable platform, allowing them to modify parts of the captive portals themselves and utilize analytics and marketing features, even down to a single location.

Locations can be virtual because one physical location can have several location IDs. This is very practical, for instance, when you want to use different branding, product offerings, and captive portals for different SSIDs with the same physical access points.

Location IDs can flexibly be defined using any combination of the available information in the RADIUS or Diameter communication between Aptilo SMP and the traffic network, such as SSID, AP MAC address, VLAN ID, and IP subnet range.

Each location is placed in the zone tree. A zone can consist of any number of sub-zones, and the zone tree always ends up in a location.

Structure Your Venue Wi-Fi Just Like the Real World

The nature of organizations and business types that wish to provide guest Wi-Fi to their customers are extremely varied. This is why the Enea Aptilo Venue Wi-Fi Manager (VMW) provides a very flexible approach to organizing all elements, such as the location structure, product offerings, the available captive portals, and the access rights of both administrators (role-based) and end-users of the service.

The VWM uses a hierarchical structure to represent the underlying organization of locations with a business customer. For example, a coffee-shop chain may define its location structure geographically, starting with countries, then broad geographical regions, and, finally, the individual physical coffee shops.

A hotel chain may have two overall types of facility: a ‘quality’ hotel chain and a ‘budget’ hotel chain. The primary administrator can divide the hotels into “quality” and “budget” before assigning geographical regions and locations to sub-administrators.

The zone concept of the VWM supports all these cases. We simply mirror the structures just like they are in the real world. You may define as many levels in the zone tree as needed, and each level can be different for your B2B customers.

The VWM administrators can assign sub-administrators with the same or fewer rights at and below their position in the zone tree. In this manner, the VWM can support both simple and complex administration requirements depending on the overall size of the business being served. It is also easy for you as an operator and business owners within their organizations to delegate role-based administration rights to others.

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