RAN Congestion Management Suite

Real-time congestion relief that boosts RAN capacity to deliver more data without new infrastructure

Video is THE most important element of the mobile experience for subscribers

But it comes with huge expectation. Surveys demonstrate that users will abandon a video or game that buffers. And with almost 80% of that video encrypted, most operators can’t even see it, let alone manage it. How do you deliver the best possible video and gaming experience whilst minimizing your costs? What’s your mobile video strategy?

You need to go beyond the brute-force mobile data optimization offered by many companies

This can be achieved through our RAN Congestion Management Suite which comprises of:



Enea RAN Congestion Manager

Web and Media optimization

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Enea Session Congestion Manager

User session optimization

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  • Secure Traffic Manager and RAN Congestion Manager effectively manage encrypted and non-encrypted traffic, reduce RAN congestion and improve subscribers’ quality of experience.

RAN Congestion Manager


Congestion in the RAN presents a lasting headache to mobile operators.

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Check out the RCM numbers!

  • Video Buffering Reduced by 31%
  • Per Subscriber Consumption Up by 29%
  • Congested Cell Reduction by 15%
  • Cloud Deployment Achieved in 6 weeks

Enea’s solutions are fully virtualized and deployed in some of the world’s most advanced NFV (Network Function Virtualization) mobile networks, including Reliance Jio, AT&T, and Telus.

We accelerate at the TCP level (TCP optimization), optimize encrypted video, and keep up with ever-changing video profiles.

Increase Your Network Capacity by 15%

E-brief for Mobile Operators

See the results from one of the biggest mobile operators in the world


Isn’t this just Mobile Video Optimization?

No. While much of the industry has been focused on simplistic video optimization, we go further. Our solution adapts to traffic in real-time so that you can trade off cost against quality of experience.

We offer flexible rules that vary depending on real-time conditions and are managed by a robust service orchestration engine. This delivers a hugely improved experience to subscribers – quick start, no stutter – depending on your set costs and conditions.


Shane McCusker on managing 4G congestion whilst targeting new investments to 5G

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Increase Your Network Capacity by 15%

E-brief for Mobile Operators: Download results from one of the biggest mobile operators in the world

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Check out the RCM numbers!

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