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Enea Adaptive Messaging Firewall

SMS Protection Against Threats to Your Subscribers and Revenues

Mobile network operators use the Enea Adaptive Messaging Firewall to protect subscribers from SMS spam and dangerous phishing threats, ensure compliance with regulations and codes of conduct, and block grey routes and SIM banks to optimize A2P messaging revenues. Correlated protection across all messaging bearers – SMS, MMS, and RCS pairs with innovative technology and the most comprehensive managed threat intelligence available, to provide an unrivaled messaging security solution for tier 1, 2, and 3 operators.

Adaptive Messaging Firewall Innovations

  • Restricted Image Detection

    Detect and block prohibited image content in MMS and RCS messages to ensure compliance with rules and best practices for prohibited content. Read more

  • Real-time URL Classification

    Detecting zero-day smishing URLs in real-time protects consumers and reduce exposure against complaints while protecting privacy. Read more

  • Tamper-Resistant Fingerprints

    Advanced fingerprinting discovers character and word manipulations in one fingerprint. Fingerprints are updated every 15 minutes to stay ahead of spammers.

  • AI-driven Compliance Enforcement

    The Adaptive Messaging Firewall uses AI to understand if A2P messages are promotional, notifications, or OTPs. This enables fine-grained control of compliance enforcement. More

Benefits with Enea Adaptive Messaging Firewall

Respond To New Messaging Threats Faster

The Adaptive Messaging Firewall helps operators discover and respond to new SMS threats faster than ever.

The flexible rules engine adds new rules to tackle new threats using configurations that can be added without waiting for a maintenance window or downtime during upgrades. Protection against unknown threats or abuse methods can be added in minutes instead of months.

Protecting against SMS spam


Catch More Bad Messages

The Adaptive Messaging Firewall detects more threats and unmonetized traffic with fewer false positives thanks to innovative, cutting-edge technology and unrivaled threat intelligence. AI models and signature-based fingerprints capture threats never seen before, enabling significantly improved threat detection and prevention.

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Mobile Network Security Deployed Your Way

The Adaptive Messaging Firewall is built on a containerized architecture for deployment on Kubernetes in public or private cloud, virtualized environments, or bare-metal servers. It scales easily when the need for capacity changes, always providing the right-sized protection. The deployment flexibility fits into any current network architecture while supporting migration to cloud or hybrid models at any time.


Keep Up With Emerging Messaging Threats

Analyzing more A2P messages than any other firewall, Enea Adaptive Messaging Firewall has superior aggregated threat intelligence for automatic sender profiling and detection of new and emerging threats. New threat intelligence is fed back into the Adaptive Messaging Firewall, continuously improving detection capabilities.



Backed by the Top Messaging Security Analysts

We combine the best of human, AI, and intelligent algorithms to produce superior intelligence that keeps you ahead of fraudsters and spammers. Our intelligence is based on the billions of messages we process daily to keep subscribers and businesses safe.

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