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Access Manager – AAA

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting on Cloud Scale for all System Generations and Access Networks

Enea Access Manager is a cloud-native AAA server providing access control to data networks in 5G and for devices or users from non-3GPP access in 4G, 3G, and 2G. A broad range of wired and wireless access services and a rich set of capabilities helps consolidate access control and authorization services across multiple networks and access technologies. Enea Access Manager is proven in use by over 90 mobile network operators and communication service providers.

Truly Cloud-Native

Enea Access Manager is fully designed for deployment as CNFs or VNFs in any public or private cloud, offering clear advantages in operations and management, scalability, and high availability. Its software design is built on cloud-native principles, including separating processing and state, micro-services, and using software containers.

Easy to Use

The built-in rules engine enables operators to create customized rules using a low-code tool easily, typically saving 40% – 60% development time. The rules engine allows users to interact with request processing and communicate with Enea Access Manager through well-defined APIs to develop and deploy custom logic.

Proven Reliability

With reliability features, including load balancing and multi-site redundancy, Enea Access Manager is designed to meet the most stringent high-availability requirements and the capability to handle billions of devices and hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. It has proven its reliability in use by over 90 operators worldwide.

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