Content Filtering

Real-time categorization of encrypted and unencrypted traffic for parental control, enterprise use, and regulatory compliance

You can’t eradicate threats from the web, but you can defend your users from unwanted content

The risk of children / minors being exposed to malicious content on the internet has increased manifold in recent times as families have started turning to online solutions for their education. Corporates, too, face challenges protecting employees from phishing and managing access to inappropriate content with the rise in homeworking. New encryption protocols threaten to derail all existing solutions.

However this also provides a monetization opportunity to forward-thinking Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and ISPs to protect users with control or network traffic filtering solutions.

Enea’s Traffic Filter enables MNOs and ISPs to design domain and content filtering use cases for enterprises and retail subscribers. Management of new encryption protocols is built into our roadmap.

  • Parental control – where access to adult and malicious content is restricted for minors to keep them safe online and empower parents and educational institutions to regulate web browsing
  • Regulatory compliance – based on policies defined by the regulatory authority, such as
    – CIPA, a US regulation that mandates K-12 schools and libraries to use internet filters and other measures to protect children
    – BBFC (British Board of Film Classification), a non-governmental organization responsible for content classification in the UK
  • Enterprise- use cases such as restricting access to social media, gaming and streaming to improve productivity and reduce distraction
  • Operators seeking to improve their financial performance should consider Enea’s solution as they migrate and scale into the networks of tomorrow

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Content Filtering And Parental Controls In A Post Pandemic World

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Content Filtering And Parental Controls In A Post Pandemic World