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Attract mobile users and save cost at the same time

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Mobile Data Offloading Defined

Are you a mobile operator and want to attract mobile users and save money at the same time? Then why not offer secure and seamless Wi-Fi? Put your trust in the world’s most deployed and awarded solution for mobile data offloading – the Enea Aptilo SMP  (software) or SMP-S (service on AWS). With the new Wi-Fi 6 technology, you will also be able to provide a deterministic user experience, as Wi-Fi 6 has the same scheduling mechanisms as Cellular (OFDMA). Don’t miss to explore our Service Provider Wi-Fi solutions.

Saving cost

Save Cost with Mobile Data Offloading

In our experience, it is possible to offload up to 30% of the cellular data traffic to Wi-Fi. According to a report by Senza Fili Consulting, Wi-Fi enables operators to slash cost-per-bit (TCO) by at least half.

The savings can be even higher at some locations. One of our customers immediately experienced a 50% reduction of traffic in their cellular network at an airport installation when they switched to our offloading solution – enabled by the Enea Aptilo SMP SIM Authentication server application.

Automatic and secure Wi-Fi Connectivity

Experience What Seamless Really Means

Let Enea’s solution provide your users and mobile core system with a seamless experience. You will get advanced policy control and charging – while using the SIM card in the smartphone and other approved authentication methods for Passpoint (Hotspot 2.0). We also provide innovative features to integrate the mobile core and OSS/BSS easily. All this can be done with minimal impact on your existing systems.

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Wi-Fi Offloading – Why?

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Wi-Fi Offload Why white paper

Our Complete System for Mobile Data Offloading

Enea Mobile Data Offloading Overview

We don’t just provide a “quick fix” for mobile operators when they run out of capacity. We are a complete back-end system for mobile data offloading and an integrated part of the long-term network strategy for mobile operators. Learn more about how we ensure their carrier Wi-Fi services and dive deeper into the details of the Enea Wi-Fi offload solution.

  • People from all over the world will flock to Brazil to celebrate the World Cup and 2016 Olympics. The ability to offload mobile data to Wi-Fi will ease network congestion significantly and increase data speeds, for an exceptional user experience. 
    Rafael Marques
    Marketing Director at TIM Intelig

Need Better Indoor Coverage for Your Cellular Voice?

Enea’s solution for next-generation Wi-Fi Calling authentication and authorization works transparently over any Wi-Fi network. It can also be implemented using the same Enea Aptilo SMP software as our mobile data offloading solution.

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