Corporate Governance

Enea AB is a Swedish public listed company on the Nasdaq Stockholm. Corporate governance within the Enea Group is based on Swedish legislation and the rules and recommendations issued by relevant organizations, including the Swedish Corporate Governance Board, Nasdaq Stockholm, the Swedish Securities Council and others.

Governance, management and control at Enea are distributed between the shareholders through the Annual General Meeting, the Board and the CEO in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act and the Articles of Association.

Upcoming Events

[Jan 29, 2021] Annual statement 2020

[April 27, 2021] Q1 report 2021

[May 6, 2021] AGM 2021

[July 16, 2021] Q2 report 2021

[October 26, 2021] Q3 report 2021

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Investor Relations

Jan Häglund
President and CEO

Lotta Trulsson
Executive Assistant
Phone: +46 8 507 140 00