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A courtesy guest Wi-Fi solution used to be a cost center, now it is a business asset

Guest Wi-Fi Solution

A Primary Business Asset

A  guest Wi-Fi solution used to be a cost center. Now, a basic portal providing guest Internet access is included in most Wi-Fi equipment. But it is much more needed to turn a Guest Wi-Fi solution into a primary business asset:

– Ability to collect user data from the Captive Portal powered by a survey.

– Get user’s consent to store personal data and derive insights from Wi-Fi analytics.

Wi-Fi Marketing features to engage with customers in a more personalized way.

Through our service provider customers and directly, we enable Wi-Fi for +250 million people in more than 75 countries.

Enea Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi solution is powering hundreds of millions of people and tens of thousands businesses every day.
  • Aptilo creates a ‘sticky’ guest Wi-Fi that drives customer engagement.
    José Pascoal
    NOS Service Platforms Director

Why Guest Wi-Fi?

Branding -Users love Wi-Fi


People love Wi-Fi. The smartphone is more of a Wi-Fi device than a Cellular device, as people spend most of their time on Wi-Fi.
A good guest Wi-Fi solution bringing a premium user experience is the best way for you as a business to connect positively with your brand. To associate your brand with a basic need that every one of us has – a high-quality Internet connection.

Wi-Fi brings customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Great Wi-Fi drives guest loyalty. We have seen this again and again. A guest Wi-Fi solution used to be all about connecting devices. More than ever, it is about connecting guests to your brand through Wi-Fi Marketing.

User insights through Wi-Fi analytics

User Insights

Actionable Wi-Fi analytics is, for many businesses, the highest value with a guest Wi-Fi solution. You can get insights about your guests. Insights that are very hard to come by in any other way. With data about gender, age group, etc., analytics can help you drive hyper-targeted campaigns that match the user profile with their location.

Our award-winning solutions for capturing detailed user data through fast-phased surveys at the captive portal and our GDPR-compliant consent and personal data management are only a ramp-up for what is coming next – SmartAds that intelligently select what ads are going to be displayed for a specific user.

B2B Wi-Fi creates customer engagement

Engage Online

In our always-connected society, it is crucial to connect and engage with your customers online. An ever-increasing share of your customers uses digital as their only media.

Enea’s guest WiFi solution allows you to reach customers with targeted communication via captive portals, SMS, and e-mail. With targeted messages, it’s a win-win. Your customers will only get information that matches their interests. You will get a high-value advertising space.

Guest Wi-Fi infographics

In 2018 we did a Guest Wi-Fi survey. The data presented in the infographics are still very valid based on this survey and other sources and research.

Please click on the tabs above to view the infographics. Start with the “general” conclusions and then go to the tabs with the Guest Wi-Fi verticals that interests you.

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These are just a few examples of verticals that we support. Within the thousands of deployments powered by our Guest Wi-Fi solution, you will find campuses, multi-dwelling units (MDU), public transportation, stadiums, smart cities, and more.

We have built support for all Guest Wi-Fi user onboarding methods to accommodate all these verticals. Are you missing something? Just let us know.

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