Encrypted Video Manager

Deliver a great video experience with less data and lower cost

Encrypted Video Manager identifies OTT video traffic and optimises it for the screen it is being watched on. That means that if it’s a mobile phone, there’s no need for HD resolution. Instead, Encrypted Video Manager intelligently optimises the amount of data needed for standard resolution – while constantly monitoring QoE. For the viewer, there isn’t a noticeable difference in quality. For the operator however, the difference is huge. It can reduce the data requirement for video content by up to 75%. And with that, come significant savings. Research shows that an average operator can reduce mobile network energy consumption by an average of 10% and generate significant cost savings!

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“Encrypted Video Manager inspects encrypted traffic flows using very clever TCP and TLS packet and flow inspection to spot encrypted traffic for a smooth and improved quality of experience.”

Sue Rudd, Strategy Analytics

EVM Benefits for Mobile Operators

Best in class encrypted traffic management tools mean you can see what’s going on in your network and differentiate between different types of services.

EVM can inspect and categorize encrypted traffic flows (TCP, TLS, HTTPS, and QUIC) in real-time and intelligently adjust encrypted Adaptive Bitrate video to reduce the impact on the RAN by 20%.

Video optimization is dynamically adjusted to preserve the Quality of Experience – in real-time.

EVM’s advanced heuristics give you the control you need to understand the uptake of services, create new offerings, and manage their quality.

Operators can create a personalized quality of experience packs and data packages for apps and improve your capacity planning.

SNI, DoH/DoT, impacts on managing subscriber QoE and content filtering

  • Enea’s technology allows us to effectively manage all our streaming data, including encrypted video, resulting in a very positive impact on subscriber QoE
  • TELUS is proud to partner with Enea and give our customers a better experience while watching videos
  • The innovative solution from Enea has been impressive. They have demonstrated their expertise and backed it up with excellent levels of service
  • Secure Traffic Manager and RAN Congestion Manager effectively manage encrypted and non-encrypted traffic, reduce RAN congestion and improve subscribers’ quality of experience.

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