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Get the tools to secure your mobile network, optimize capacity and quality of experience, while delivering profitability.

Service Providers (CSPs) need to cater for ever-increasing network traffic and growing security threats, while users demand superior experience at competitive rates.

This means doing more with less. And Enea provides the tools do it.

Our inline applications enable traffic classification and management to optimize RAN capacity while reducing energy consumption and operational costs. For end-users, this means a great quality of experience and a seamless transition from 4G to 5G.

And we enable trusted and secure communications with our leading mobile network signaling security, threat intelligence services and managed messaging security.


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Subscriber data management

Increase speed-to-deployment and reduce hardware costs with 5G Subscriber Data Management

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Trusted by 100+ Operators

Enea’s software is trusted by 100+ Communications Service Providers (CSPs) from all over the globe that choose best of breed.

Enea's solutions are trusted by 100+ CSP all over the globe.