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Secure and resilient mobile network infrastructure is critical to the functioning of societies, economies, and states. The growing ubiquity of digital communication services places mobile network security at the very heart of countries’ national security.

At a time of rising geopolitical tensions globally, many nations are evolving national cyber security frameworks. However, many nations do not fully consider the cyber threat posed by inadequately secured mobile network infrastructure.

Governments have an opportunity to work together with operators and build intelligent resilience and national-level threat detection. Cooperation between all parties is needed to protect the nation and its citizens against this evolving threat.



The growth of mobile connectivity globally means that mobile network infrastructure is both the frontier of digital transformation and the front line in a global digital battlefield.

Some of the more vulnerable networks continue to be penetrated despite expert recommendations. Underprotected networks can be weaponized by sophisticated threat actors in the execution of hostile reconnaissance and surveillance operations. Vulnerable networks put their subscribers and inbound roamers at risk. Also, threat actors can exploit insecure infrastructure in attacks against networks in other countries, potentially implicating relations between states.

Government leadership, together with the cooperation of network operators, can build, deploy and manage an effective national cyber defense.

Secure and Resilient Network Infrastructure Relies on Protected Interconnectivity

National competent authorities we can support:

National Cyber Security Centres, National Security Intelligence, Critical National Infrastructure and National Regulatory Authorities.

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Cyber Security Defence & Intelligence

The pervasiveness of mobile connectivity makes any insecure network infrastructure a national attack surface. Threat actors attack countries through under-secured mobile network infrastructure. They exploit vulnerabilities to compromise national security, cyber security, and critical infrastructure frameworks.

The threats posed by exploiting poorly secured mobile networks range from espionage, terrorism, and cybercrime to wider criminal operations. Inadequately protected mobile networks create risks for the operators and jeopardize national security. Consequently, secure mobile networks and intelligence-led protection benefits those tasked with protecting national security, the operator, and the public. Governments and operators benefit from network-level cyber defense and threat visibility. A national cybersecurity defense is best built through the collaborative development of intelligence-led threat detection and response capabilities.

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Products & Services for the Government Sector

Scalable Counter Surveillance Protection

Next generation firewalls provide the foundation for protecting nations against unlawful surveillance and network reconnaissance targeting specific countries:

  • The software can detect and block complex surveillance operations involving multi-protocol location identification and track at-risk persons, whether public office holders, government personnel, or private citizens, both at home and abroad.
  • A scalable solution to prevent the weaponization of national network infrastructure by threat actors in attacks against other countries, increasing resilience against broader threats such as Denial of Service.
  • Industry-leading automated threat detection and correlation optimized by supervised machine learning to maximize responsiveness in the face of a changing threat environment. The objective is to defend against new threats even as they emerge.
  • A non-intrusive solution strengthens data privacy by protecting against network data breaches and personal data integrity and confidentiality.

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Scalable Counter Surveillance Protection

Real-time Counter Intelligence (CI) Capability

Enea Signaling Intelligence for National Security provides real-time visibility of state-level attacks carried out over networks at a global scale. It enhances situational awareness and enables real-time response to threat actors’ activity.

  • Leveraging our global coverage, our tailorable solution offers alerting capability that is fully configurable and controllable according to clients’ specific operational and legal requirements.
  • Combined deployments of signaling firewalls, in partnership with network operators and Signaling Intelligence for National Security, offer maximum real-time detection of hostile targeting and surveillance threats jeopardizing national security.
  • With unparalleled insights into threat actor assets, access, and attack methodology (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures), Signaling Intelligence for National Security provides active protection against the surveillance and reconnaissance efforts of the most serious threat actors.
  • Dynamic rulesets and continuously updated algorithms enable the detection and blocking of ‘ZERO-DAY’ signaling attacks enabling states to keep ahead of attackers as they evolve their methodologies.

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Threat Intelligence Unit (TIU) & Reporting Service

Our Threat Intelligence Service can be customized for and integrated with any infrastructure, affording maximum control and industry-leading knowledge of strategic, operational, and tactical intelligence.

  • Our security experts can strengthen our clients’ security team or Security Operation Centre to provide additional monitoring during specified periods, proactive threat hunting, and active incident support response.
  • Enea AdaptiveMobileSecurity’s Threat Intelligence Unit (TIU)can provide comprehensive training to enable fully independent operation of the platform by the client.
  • A wide range of bespoke reporting can be created to support each client’s particular individual needs.
  • TIU access and threat reporting are offered as standalone services delivered according to a schedule and scope agreed upon with the client.

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