Data Management Applications

Essential 4G & 5G Cloud native functions for authentication, number mapping and policy control

User Authentication and Policy Control for 4G and 5G

Data Management applications are the foundation for authentication, policy control, access control and number mapping for 5G (and 4G) networks. Enea’s solutions are modularized and standardized into the individual components (AAA, PCRF, PCF and E164 Mapping/iDNS) which interwork with industry standard interfaces, scaling for point solution deployment to telecom wide network models. The low code visual environments make these applications easy to configure and deploy.


Working with both 4G & 5G (Rel 16/17) specifications make these applications essential to create an agile & flexible multi-vendor network environment work practically.

The unique features and characteristics of the Access Management (AAA) and Policy Control (PCRF | PCF)  portfolio enable operators to respond quickly to changing subscriber demands and new service opportunities. Rapid customization, efficient scaling and speedy deployment ensure that new demands can be addressed efficiently, with differentiated offerings and competitive advantages.

“The common platform with built-in redundancy improves reliability and service continuity, for greater subscriber satisfaction and reduced operational risk”

Enea software components shown in red

Strategic Benefits of Partnering with Enea


Enea is an independent vendor, playing a key role in a best-of-breed ecosystem of core network software suppliers. We provide a flexible and open environment, cover all cloud platforms, and our software is open to any network function and application.


Enea’s software is telco-grade and based on extensive experience. It has been operational with Tier 1 network operators around the world for more than 15 years. We are a European supplier with a proven track record and high-quality development processes, which significantly lower risk for cybersecurity vulnerabilities.



Enea has established easy-to-use, field-proven frame agreements including pricing, ordering, and deliver. Our products are pre-tested & pre-integrated within our partners’ solutions and we ensure quick turnaround for change requests and customization, thanks to Enea unique tools. As a specialist, we also bring innovation and agility to help achieve your business goals.

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