Signaling Security

Enea Signaling Intelligence for National Security

Access Signaling Threat Intelligence Data from a Global Hub of Network Insights

National security agencies use Enea Signaling Intelligence for National Security to gain insights into cyber threats on global signaling communication networks. As a critical infrastructure, telecommunication networks are targeted and abused by malicious state-sponsored and private actors. Attacks executed by sophisticated actors are often silent, in the sense that they are not immediately visible, and require intelligent tools to uncover them. With Enea’s expert Signaling Intelligence, security agencies can gain insights into relevant global, regional, and national security threats.

Tap Into a Wealth of Signaling Intelligence

Signaling Intelligence for National Security provides data that offers a detailed view of the global threat landscape. This data is collected from a global community of operators representing multiple networks in every region of the world. This valuable data is aggregated and made available in near real-time, every hour of every day. Deep, historical insight provides the context for security agencies to understand and recognize intermittent or infrequent attack methods and threat actors.

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Develop Actionable insights From Signaling Threat Data

Signaling Intelligence for National Security automates the analysis of threat data and reports it as intelligence in near real-time. The raw signaling events produced by mobile networks globally amass vast quantities of data that would require significant resources and a large number of signaling experts to make sense of. The automated analysis is backed up by Enea’s team of expert security analysts who contextualize the intelligence and add insights and actions to meet the needs of national security agencies.

signaling intelligence interface for national security agencies

Visualize Every Threat and Share Signaling Intelligence Across Your Organization

Powerful visualizations of aggregated and analyzed signaling threat data identify attack sources targeting mobile networks, services, and mobile users. Even complex  signaling attacks spanning several protocols, multiple sources, and extended over time, are easily identified. A series of customizable dashboards organize threat information into events, sources, and targets, allowing users to drill down into the details. The dashboards make it easy to share information and insights within the organization.

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Threat Intelligence Analysis Services

Global Signaling Threat Specialists at Your Service

Enea’s team of expert signaling security analysts are at the forefront of signaling research. Assisted by Enea’s state-of-the-art machine learning and advanced signaling security policies, billions of signaling events are analysed each day. Enea’s Signaling Threat Researchers work with these tools to identify and remediate signaling threats on a global scale.

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Why Signaling Security Will Make or Break Mobile Network Resilience

This guide outlines the importance of signaling security in telecom networks and advises operators and regulators on how to bolster network resilience at a time when mobile networks are being weaponized on and off the battlefield.

Mobile signaling handbook for operators and regulators

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