Integra Cloud-Ready Platform

Manage, optimize and monetize exponential growth in mobile data from a single virtualized touch point

Over the top Apps wiped out voice & messaging revenue; over 90% of mobile data is encrypted – mobile operators need an edge to manage the data

Lack of service agility costs operators billions. Facebook and Google issue a new update every day while mobile operators can take 18 months to introduce a new service.  This means that mobile operators are slow to react to changes in the very data that that they need to deliver. This affects capacity planning, network experience, congestion and speed of the network.

The solution is cloud ready virtualized, proven solution options from Enea, starting with a scalable virtualized platform, Integra, which can dynamically scale inline in the data path and has the intelligence to identify, classify and act on the traffic to build a profile of the data flow and optimize the delivery experience.

Our NFV Platform, Integra – real time reaction to threats and opportunities!

We are the only company that can deliver a mature and proven cloud-based solution, Integra, providing scalable, best-in-class performance on a software service orchestration platform.


Integra’s Benefits for Operators

Integra offers a modular NFV platform, encrypted application classification, and dynamic NFV service chaining, enabling operators to manage the fast-changing world of OTT formats and roll out new innovative services in 30 days or less.


Integra’s highly modular architecture, low latency, and high performance for both the signaling/control plane and the data/user plane ensure it is a streamlined component fully optimized to lie in the content path. This is key to managing access, user experience, assigning bandwidth/policy, developing new services, and service chaining and orchestration.


Integra is agnostic to the hypervisor and can be deployed in KVM and VMWare environments on COTS hardware with ESXi hypervisor and vCloud. It is orchestrated using OpenStack API.


Essential Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) we offer include Video Traffic Management (including video optimization) and a Common Data Layer for 5G Data Management.

  • Enea’s technology allows us to effectively manage all our streaming data, including encrypted video, resulting in a very positive impact on subscriber QoE
  • TELUS is proud to partner with Enea and give our customers a better experience while watching videos
  • The innovative solution from Enea has been impressive. They have demonstrated their expertise and backed it up with excellent levels of service
  • Secure Traffic Manager and RAN Congestion Manager effectively manage encrypted and non-encrypted traffic, reduce RAN congestion and improve subscribers’ quality of experience.

Key Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) offered by Enea are Traffic Management (including video optimization) and 5G Subscriber Data Management

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