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Enea Signaling Intelligence Layer

Stay Ahead of Attackers with Superior Signaling Threat Intelligence

Mobile network operators and carriers use the Signaling Intelligence Layer to understand what is going on in their networks, identify threats, and detect silent attacks. It allows you to analyze who is attacking your network, how, when, and where from. Powerful visualizations help you predict, understand, and defend against complex multi-protocol signaling attacks.

Be on Top of Every Threat

Making sense of signaling firewall data is a challenge to most mobile network operators. Resources and expertise are required to routinely search through logged firewall events, understand the global threat landscape and identify threats targeting your network.

The Signaling Intelligence Layer automates the analysis and gives you the tools to readily reveal adversary tactics and techniques used to exploit vulnerabilities in your network.

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Detect and Block Signaling Attacks Before They Happen

The Signaling Intelligence Layer automatically collects, stores, and analyzes large volumes of data generated by signaling firewalls. It analyzes, contextualizes and then visualizes data in customizable dashboards, organizing it into events, sources, and targets. The visual reporting offers CISOs and security analysts an in-depth understanding of the current and historic threat landscape at a glance.

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The Threat Landscape is Global – Your Insights Should Be Too

The Signaling Intelligence Layer integrates historic and current data derived from a global footprint of networks to provide a comprehensive view of the threat landscape. Combining this with detailed data from the operator’s signaling firewall can produce a comparative view, identifying threats that would otherwise fly below the radar. Adversaries identified through malicious behavior in other networks, and attack methods used elsewhere, can be blocked long before they target your network.

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Threat Intelligence Analysis Services

The World’s Top Signaling Threat Experts at Your Service

Enea has the world’s leading team of specialized signaling threat analysts and researchers whose mission is to ensure subscribers can safely use mobile communication every day. Aided by intelligent tools and extensive experience, the team actively assess billions of signaling events daily to continuously detect, protect against, and remediate threats from anywhere in the world.

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Technical Paper

How Network Signaling Intelligence Helped Uncover Simjacker

This technical report details how Simjacker, an attack with previously unseen complexity and sophistication, was uncovered by Enea using the Signaling Intelligence Layer.

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