TLS Manager

HTTP Header Enrichment

Secure connectivity management for enterprise services

TLS termination capabilities for:

– HTTP-to-HTTPS, and
– HTTPS-to HTTP service enforcement.

TLS Manager can issue a substitute (approved CSP) certificate for a fixed pool of Origin Servers that require TLS 1.2, TLS 1.3 mediation. When the user establishes an encrypted connection to the desired site, the system can act as a tunnel termination endpoint, clearly exposing the payload so the Enea system can apply a licensed Enea Traffic Management service, such as HTTP header manipulation for use cases like 2nd factor authentication, adding unspoofable real network identifiers as meta data, and seamless routing to the right localized customer services – automatically.



TLS Manager Acts On:


Transparently intercepting TLS-Encrypted and unencrypted HTTP traffic.


Decrypting TLS connections using an operator TLS certificate


Encrypting HTTP connections using an operator/content provider TLS certificate


Facilitating traffic management services enforcement

Key features of Enea TLS Manager:


  • Enea’s technology allows us to effectively manage all our streaming data, including encrypted video, resulting in a very positive impact on subscriber QoE
  • TELUS is proud to partner with Enea and give our customers a better experience while watching videos
  • The innovative solution from Enea has been impressive. They have demonstrated their expertise and backed it up with excellent levels of service
  • Secure Traffic Manager and RAN Congestion Manager effectively manage encrypted and non-encrypted traffic, reduce RAN congestion and improve subscribers’ quality of experience.

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