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Enea Adaptive Messaging Firewall for CPaaS

Secure Message Delivery and Build Trust in Your Reputation

Messaging aggregators and CPaaS providers use the Enea Adaptive Messaging Firewall for CPaaS to mitigate challenges specific to the A2P message delivery chain. Specifically, they use it to block fraud attempts, enforce compliance, and optimize messaging revenue.

In order to build and maintain trust in their business, CPaaS providers and aggregators must protect their messaging platforms against unwanted spam and malicious traffic. Without adequate protection, SMS providers risk reputational damage which can result in operators withdrawing service, and customer messages not being delivered.

Innovation Highlights

  • Restricted Image Detection

    Detect and block prohibited image content in MMS and RCS messages to ensure compliance with rules and best practices for prohibited content. Read more

  • Real-time URL classification

    Detecting zero-day smishing URLs in real-time protects consumers and reduce exposure against complaints while protecting privacy. Read more

  • Cost-optimized message routing

    AI-driven content type detection allows content-aware routing for sending time-sensitive messages on priority paths and other messages on cost-optimized paths. Read more

Why Enea Adaptive Messaging Firewall for CPaaS?

  • Unparalleled Security for SMS, MMS, and RCS

    Protecting all message bearers with advanced fingerprinting and intelligent cross-correlation sets the standard in the industry and lets you stay ahead of fraudsters and scammers.

  • Highest Accuracy

    With our highly optimized algorithms and global intelligence, you can be confident that less than 1 in 3 billion messages are processed as false positives, keeping your channels free from consumer complaints.

  • Global Messaging Intelligence

    Up to 1.5 trillion messages are processed annually on five continents, providing actionable threat intelligence that transforms into early warnings and proactive protection.

  • It is Adaptive

    We are constantly innovating, updating, and incorporating our messaging intelligence into the Adaptive Messaging Firewall. This keeps you protected against revenue and spam threats emerging from a constantly changing threat landscape.

Multi-protocol firewall for SMS, MMS, and RCS

For CPaaS providers and aggregators providing omnichannel messaging to brands, protecting all message bearers with a single omnichannel messaging firewall makes a lot of sense. Not only is financially and operationally sound, it provides correlation between different bearers. This significantly improves and enhances its detection and analysis capabilities.

  • SMS Firewall

    The SMS firewall, a pivotal component of the Adaptive Messaging Firewall for CPaaS, harnesses the power of AI, sophisticated detection methods, and global intelligence. This advanced technology is instrumental in offering robust protection against fraud and abuse.

  • MMS Firewall

    MMS necessitates a messaging firewall that comprehends media content. Compliance with rules and best practices, particularly those pertaining to prohibited content such as SHAFT, is crucial. The inclusion of restricted image detection functionality ensures adherence to these guidelines, providing CPaaS providers with reassurance about compliance.

  • RCS Firewall

    RCS Business Messaging is expected to grow significantly as a message bearer for A2P traffic. The adoption of RCS by all major handset vendors means it is almost as ubiquitous as SMS, and the added functionality and the ability to verify senders is high in demand by brands. RCS Business Messaging provides an opportunity for CPaaS providers. However, they need to secure RCS messages, including its rich content, against fraud and abuse to keep their channels clean.

  • OTT Messaging Firewall

    The Adaptive Messaging Firewall for CPaaS secures OTT messages such as WhatsApp Business Messaging and Facebook Messenger in the A2P path. We apply the same intelligent and sophisticated functionality we use for SMS, MMS, and RCS to OTT messages. This protects consumers, brands, and CPaaS providers from fraud and abuse in any channel.

Backed by the Top Messaging Security Analysts

We combine the best of human, AI, and intelligent algorithms to produce superior intelligence that keeps you ahead of fraudsters and spammers. Our intelligence is based on the billions of messages we process daily to keep subscribers and businesses safe.

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Benefits with the Adaptive Messaging Firewall


Avoid Being a Sender of Spam and Scam Messages

Transmitting large volumes of spam and scam messages into mobile networks damages your reputation, and operators will penalize you, making it more expensive and difficult to deliver messages to subscribers. The Messaging Firewall for CPaaS uses advanced technologies such as fingerprinting and URL scanning, in combination with superior threat intelligence collected from a global footprint of networks, to determine whether messages are legitimate or should be blocked.

More about SMS spam protection


Comply With Any Regulation or Code of Conduct

The Adaptive Messaging Firewall for CPaaS solves the problem of complying with the shifting national regulations and operator codes of conduct that govern when and how messages can be delivered to individual mobile networks and subscribers. This is achieved through granular control based on parameters such as content, message classification, destination, volume, or time of day. The Adaptive Messaging Firewall for CPaaS uses a range of smart and AI-assisted detection algorithms to exercise this control. The outcome is that the number of message delivery destinations is maximized without the risk of violating any rules that could otherwise result in fines or deprioritization by operators.


Enhance the Quality of Traffic Sent Through Your Platform

Making sure the traffic entrusted to you by your customers adheres to your standards and rules is another challenge taken care of by the Adaptive Messaging Firewall for CPaaS. It enforces regulations and best sending practices to keep your channel free from malpractices, such as sharing sender identities, URL cycling, or snowshoeing. It also allows you to route messages based on priority. For example, 2FA in advance of marketing messages. The foundation to controlling messaging traffic is a solid analysis to understand the flows running through your platform and the ability to categorize messages.

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