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Zero-touch Wi-Fi IoT

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Zero-touch Wi-Fi IoT Connectivity

Enea Aptilo Zero-touch Wi-Fi IoT Connectivity (Zero-touch), opens up a mass market for IoT running on Wi-Fi networks. Anyone that has tried to onboard a new Wi-Fi-based IoT device manually using a QR code or app will immediately see the value in the automatic and secure onboarding of  Wi-Fi-based IoT devices offered by Zero-touch.

It is our innovation, but we have not taken any patents; we want the whole Wi-Fi industry to follow suit.

Zero-touch IoT Connectivity

The award-winning Enea Aptilo Zero-touch Wi-Fi IoT Connectivity (Zero-touch) service is based on the Enea Aptilo Service Management Platform (SMP). It leverages Passpoint (Hotspot 2.0) while also supporting legacy Wi-Fi equipment and devices.

Existing solutions require endless manual labor to onboard every device. And you must repeat this when, for instance, changing the Wi-Fi network’s security key.

With our connectivity service on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the device will securely fly onto the Wi-Fi network when you switch it on for the first time and continue to do so for every connection.  We use device identities, in the form of x.509 certificates, already existing in IoT platforms such as AWS IoT Core to verify the device. We can verify if the device is active through the IoT platform integration and collect input to form connectivity policies. The enterprise remains in control, but the service is seamless and secure. Security is granted through EAP-TLS authentication with the Wi-Fi network encrypted over the air using 802.1x.

Enea Aptilo Zero-touch is all standards-based. You don’t need to install any connection manager on the device. All the device manufacturers need to do is make sure that their devices try to connect to the ZeroTouch SSID or Hotspot 2.0 service. The echo-system of supported devices is growing fast as we cooperate with leading chipset manufacturers such as Espressif.

Enea Aptilo Zero-Touch Explained

In this 4 min video, Aptilo’s mascot “Dotty” will guide you on the basics of the Enea Aptilo Zero-touch concept. We will also demonstrate the benefits by running a head-to-head race against the traditional Wi-Fi onboarding solution, in this case, using an app with Wi-Fi credentials provisioned over Bluetooth. Although “Dotty” is not real, the test is. It was performed in our lab with a Wi-Fi-enabled light bulb.

A Deeper Dive into Enea Aptilo Zero-touch

A 12 min overview of the Enea Aptilo Zero-touch Wi-Fi Connectivity solution opening up a mass-market for Wi-Fi based IoT. Why is it needed? How does it work?

Zero-Touch Connectivity for Wi-Fi-based IoT Devices

Our Zero-touch connectivity solution for Wi-Fi-based IoT is available as a service on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) just like the AWS IoT Core service is. Together we bring a complete solution for both enterprises, device manufacturers and telecom operators that can add the service to their existing offering. Aptilo makes use of Amazon EC2 for automation, scalability and high availability and to help Wi-Fi-based IoT devices connect to AWS IoT Core for device management, analytics, security and application enablement.

It is the flexibility in the Aptilo SMP IoT platform, with it’s Aptilo ServiceGlue™ functionality, that allow us to do this magical integration with AWS IoT Core. Aptilo is an Amazon AWS advanced technology partner and our solution won “Best IoT Product” at the 2018 Wi-Fi Now Awards.

Enea Aptilo Wi-Fi IoT Zero-touch architecture

The missing piece for seamless and secure Wi-Fi-based IoT

  • Customers are looking for a solution that can help them deliver IoT services effectively. With Aptilo’s IoT connectivity solution, Wi-Fi becomes scalable, seamless, and secure.
    Tim Mattison
    Global Technology Lead IoT Partners
    Amazon Web Services Inc.
  • As a long-time customer of Aptilo, we appreciate that they are adding more functionality to enable IoT services over Wi-Fi. This is a game changer for Wi-Fi IoT connectivity.
    Hanspeter Stofer
    ICT Architect
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