Network Data Layer

Structured – User & Device Data (UDR/SPR)

Create – Store – Distribute

User and Device data – Data Centre Core to Edge

User & Device Data is the foundation and heart of the Telecom Network – the identity, associated devices, policies, preference, allowances and billing information that can drive the components of the network to enable the right connectivity at the right location at the right time.

This data we call structured data and is formally defined, modified and built up over time.

The distribution, accuracy and access of this data is critical and Enea’s Subscriber repository (SPR) and 5G Solution  (unified data repository) provide the solutions to provision, store, replicate and distribute the data cost effectively in cloud native & hybrid cloud environments.

Stratum UDR/SPR

Stratum Cloud Native Data Network layer enables the resilient, structured store, distribution of data in cloud native & hybrid environments.