Signaling Security

Defending over 2.4 billion users worldwide from mobile network cyber threats.

Cloud-Native Signaling Security

Signaling networks contain critical vulnerabilities that enable attackers to extract subscriber information, locate devices, intercept calls and messages, and perform DoS attacks. Vulnerabilities are present in all network generations and through interoperability between networks of different generations.

Enea’s cloud-native signaling security solutions discover, analyze, and protect against threats across multiple protocols including SS7, Diameter, GTP-C, and HTTP/2.

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    It’s great to see Enea AdaptiveMobile this year as a Tier One vendor in our Signaling Firewall Benchmarking research. We have been following their progress over the last four years and can clearly see they are growing in popularity year on year with mobile operators. As well as having close to perfect scores on several key KPIs, we also see that operators see Enea as clear leader in ‘Understanding the industry’ which is crucial to firewall services.
    Jason Bryan
    CEO at ROCCO Research


Spectrum of Violence: Mobile Network-enabled Attacks in Hybrid Warfare

This research paper analyzes evolving mobile network attack techniques in Hybrid Warfare, which includes a newly uncovered HiddenArt mobile threat actor.

White paper: Spectrum of Violence: Mobile Network-enabled Attacks in Hybrid Warfare