Data Management Applications

E.164 Number Mapping

Mobile Number Portability 4G & 5G

Telephone Number Mapping / E1.64 Mapping is at the heart of Telecom Service Connecting Users from Circuit Switched Networks to IP / IMS Core

Why? Circuit Switched (CCS) is being replaced by IMS-Core to free 5G Frequency

Transform the core number mapping service into a versatile, scalable VNF / CNF function – enabling your network connectivity & saving operational cost

Number Portability – Customise & Connect

Connect users – providing common lookup interfaces to customized number mappings

SIP ENUM for mapping IMS-Core and CS

Enable VOLTE for VoWi-FI

Linearly scale as Virtual Network Function or Container Function (VNF/CNF) multi-site up to 500M entries

ENUM supports DNS & MAP Protocol – IP & SS7 Interworking



DNS: Connect Networks

Number DNS (iDNS) provides the fundamental lookup function for E.164 mapping between SGSN and GGSN, supporting both local and roaming connections.

ENUM empowers networks with:

  • Quick core network node detection and selection.
  • Tailored zone views based on clients’ source IP address
  • Intelligently delivery of only active node addresses, boosting network efficiency

Save Cost & Harmonize name resolution for IMS network elements

Enea ENUM supports DNS resource record types:  A/AAAA, NAPTR, S-NAPTR, CNAME, MX, NS, TXT, PTR) 



Put it together –

Scale to Connect Users and Networks

  • Supports Interoperability circuit switched (PSTN/ISDN/GSM) and IP
  • Connects 4G & 5G Networks
  • Designed and deployed for multi-site scale as Virtual or Container Function (VNF/CNF)
  • SIP ENUM / VOLTE Number Mapping for IMS-Core and VoWi-Fi

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