Messaging Security

Messaging Security Based on Real-Time Intelligence

Enea’s messaging security solutions allow mobile operators, aggregators, and CPaaS providers to gain insights on the messaging traffic they carry, comply with laws and regulations, block spam, prevent fraud, and protect A2P revenue. Global messaging threat intelligence and machine learning techniques ensure real-time detection and protection.

SMS, MMS, RCS, and REST APIs are covered by our messaging security solutions.

A2P SMS Under Siege

Artificially Inflated Traffic and its Impact on the Industry

Artificial Inflation of Traffic (AIT) is not one but six types of fraud in the A2P SMS path, hitting brands, CPaaS providers, aggregators, and MNOs alike. Until now, there has not been a clear definition of AIT and a limited understanding of its impact on the market. This report defines and details the six types of AIT and quantifies its market impact.

A2P SMS Under Siege Report