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Policy Manager – PCRF/PCF

Evolve smoothly to 5G with dual-mode policy management

Enea Policy Manager provides the PCRF and PCF functions in 4G and 5G networks, respectively. Flexible decision-making functions and a low-code architecture make it easy to customize control of the subscribers’ network resources usage. Enea Policy Manager also supports network slicing and Internet of Things applications.

Provide customized services

Flexible policy engine for allocation of network resources and control of user experience


Create powerful policies

Graphical Code Engine for intuitive creation and management of policies


Capitalize on Internet of Things

Scalability for thousands of policies, and hundreds of thousands of transactions per second


Dual-Mode Policy is Essential to 5G Business Success

In assessing the right approach to 4G/5G policy management, practical problems like sharing quota across network generations, consistency in rule definition and distribution, preservation of existing investment combined with the ability to create new business and service options are critical. Get it right, and the longer term is secure. Get it wrong, and vendor lock-in is perpetuated, costs increase, and new service introduction will be delayed by slow-to-evolve incumbent components.

Fornt cover of the white paper dual-mode policy

Cloud-native for any use case

Enea Policy Manager is cloud native from initial design, and builds on more than 15 years’ experience delivering subscriber applications to Tier 1 network operators. With an architecture optimized for virtualization and cloud deployments, it provides the high availability and scaling capabilities required for 5G services. Enea Policy Manager is desgined for policy control use cases including:

  • Data control
  • Voice over LTE/5G NR
  • Network slicing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Key features

  • Enea Rules Engine for easy integration and rapid implementation of customer-specific requirements
  • Zero-touch operations using self-management features and standard management tools
  • Comprehensive support for use cases, including congestion control and network slicing
  • Supports all major virtualization and container platforms for deployment in rivate data centers or in the public cloud
  • Compliance with the 3GPP Release 15 standard for PCF and PCRF functionality

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