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Redefining Performance and Time-to-Market for Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

Helping IDS Adapt to Major Network Transformations

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are essential elements of network security operations. They are, however, facing significant challenges in terms of scalability, performance and accuracy as traditional network perimeters – and perimeter defenses – disappear and cybersecurity solutions shift to the cloud. In addition, IDS traffic visibility is often hampered by encryption and limited protocol recognition that is lagging behind in the new hybrid IoT/IT, everything-as-a-service world. As cyber attacks become increasingly frequent and sophisticated, effective threat detection depends on a level of visibility that most IDS no longer possess.

IDS-based Threat Detection as a Software Component

The Enea Qosmos Threat Detection SDK (TD SDK) delivers IDS-based threat detection as a software component. This new groundbreaking tool has been developed by Enea to help cybersecurity software developers fully secure today’s redistributed, cloud-centered, work-from-anywhere networks.

The Enea Qosmos TD SDK embeds core functionalities from the industry’s best-in-breed IDS, Suricata, in a software development kit (SDK) that integrates tightly with the industry’s best-in-breed traffic visibility engine, Enea Qosmos ixEngine®. With this integration, double packet processing is eliminated, parsing speed is accelerated, and traffic insights are vastly expanded to fuel next-generation threat detection and custom rule development.

Jump-start IDS development and boost threat detection performance with Enea Qosmos Threat Detection SDK!

Enea Qosmos Threat Detection SDK

Benefits for Cybersecurity Software Developers

  • Tight Integration into 3rd Party Software

    Delivered as a software component (SDK) with an IDS solutions-based approach, Enea Qosmos TD SDK enables easy and tight integration into encompassing cybersecurity solutions while remaining flexible and scalable.

  • Better Performance

    Enea Qosmos TD SDK eliminates double packet processing for deep packet inspection (DPI) and IDS, optimizing resources and streamlining overheads. Thanks to Enea Qosmos ixEngine packet acquisition and parsing library, there is much higher native throughput than traditional IDS, resulting in important functional performance gains.

  • Fewer False Negatives

    Full traffic visibility, even in encrypted traffic, better parsers and the ability to customize rulesets reduces the number of false negatives and false positives, delivering more accurate and rapid threat detection.

  • Plug & Play Rulesets

    Enea Qosmos TD SDK supports standard rulesets with Suricata syntax, facilitating deployment. Enea Qosmos ixEngine metadata is made available in rules syntax further improving threat detection while simplifying integration.

In partnership with

The Qosmos Threat Detection SDK has been developed in partnership with the Open Information Security Foundation and embeds core functionalities from Suricata IDS

Take a New Look at IDS with Enea Qosmos Threat Detection SDK

Looking for a fast and easy way to integrate intrusion detection capabilities while improving performance?

Discover how Enea Qosmos TD SDK can help boost the threat detection capabilities and operational efficiency of your solutions by delivering core IDS functionalities in combination with a centralized DPI engine.

Industry Recognition

Enea Qosmos TD SDK wins Global Infosec Award 2024 and Cybersecurity Excellence Award 2024