Signaling Network Penetration Testing

Complete pen testing services for SS7, Diameter, and GTP.

How Secure is Your Mobile Network?

Operators use signaling pen testing to assess security on signaling protocols, including SS7, Diameter, and GTP-C. Enea offers a range of signaling penetration testing services that enable operators to understand specific network vulnerabilities and evaluate their current security implementation. The pen testing results in an assessment that helps operators determine the most appropriate countermeasures to protect their subscribers and businesses.

What is Penetration Testing in Signaling Security?

Penetration testing, commonly known as “pen testing”, is a critical process for identifying and addressing cybersecurity vulnerabilities. In telecom networks, signaling protocols are vulnerable to attacks that can result in data leaks, disrupt services, and defraud operators if not adequately protected. Pen testing signaling networks involve simulating attacks on one or more signaling protocols using the same tactics, techniques, and procedures as real attackers would use. This is done to discover weaknesses that malicious actors could exploit.

The proactive approach to signaling security that pen testing provides is important because it helps operators find and fix security gaps in the signaling network before they can be exploited. This is essential for maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal data and services.

By regularly conducting penetration tests, operators can reinforce their defense against cyber threats and demonstrate their commitment to security to stakeholders, thereby fostering trust.


Why Should Operators Conduct Pen Testing for Signaling Protocols?

Mobile network security attracts interest from regulators, customers, and the media. While the vulnerabilities in signaling protocols are familiar, a deeper understanding of how attackers exploit them and at what scale is often missing. Operators must build fit-for-purpose protection capabilities to safeguard their networks against signaling threats. Understanding any security weaknesses in their network is an essential first step.

  • Networks under threat or subscribers complaining about privacy issues call for prompt action to ensure adequate defenses are deployed.
  • Upcoming regulations and customer demand for secure mobile services are reasons for operators to clamp down on signaling threats.
  • Assessing signaling defenses requires specialist competence and a global view of the threat landscape to test against new or evolving TTPs.


Signaling Penetration Testing Services

Enea provides penetration testing services to all operators:

  • Existing customers using the Enea Adaptive Signaling Firewall,
  • Operators that use other commercial firewalls or firewalls developed in-house,
  • Operators that have not implemented a signaling firewall.

We conduct the tests using the full spectrum of TTPs that actual attackers use and under the same conditions. This means we can test remotely without installing equipment or software at the operator sites.

We offer the following range of penetration testing services:

Exploratory or Rapid Penetration Testing

We measure your defenses against the most common 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G network interconnect attacks using penetration tests conducted with the attacker’s mindset. Subscriber location tracking, information gathering, and service/call manipulation attack types are within scope.

Full Penetration and Security Test

We measure your defenses against the full suite of 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G network interconnect attacks using penetration tests conducted with the attacker’s mindset. All subscriber location tracking, information gathering, service/call manipulation, fraud, subscriber and network DoS attack types are in scope.

Repeat Security Auditing

We automatically and at regular intervals conduct the Full Penetration and Security Test. All subscriber location tracking, information gathering, service/call manipulation, fraud, and subscriber and network DoS attack types are in scope.


We provide an overview of mobile network security principles to create the awareness and knowledge needed to evolve signaling threat prevention. We analyze and clarify penetration test results and recommendations with the participants.

Traffic Analysis

We analyze customer traffic to provide an understanding of what threats are coming in and out of the network. Together with the audience, we analyze and clarify any unwanted or malicious packets in a customer trace from the network.

The Result of the Pen Test

All signaling pen test services include reports detailing the simulated attacks, the results, and the evidence gathered during the tests. They also include concrete recommendations based on the assessments made.


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