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Diary of a CISO: Building a Resilient Telecom Organization

Join five telecom security experts including Globe CISO Anton Bonifacio, Kyivstar CTO Volodymyr Lutchenko, and Enea SVP of Security John Hughes as they explore the evolving role of the CISO, and what it means to be the driving force for telecom security.

The session covers the following topics:

  • An analysis of the key results from a recent MWL & Enea security survey with James Joiner.
  • The leading role that security now plays, and its rise to the C Suite – Drivers.
  • Building a secure organisation – Communicating with the board; Adding network security to the mix; Implementation throughout the organisation and user base; Shared learnings.
  • The role of technology – AI; 5G; What’s next.


Volodymyr Lutchenko

Kyivstar, Ukraine

Anton Bonifacio

Globe Telecommunications, Philippines

John Hughes

SVP Head of Network Security
Enea, Dublin

James Joiner

Senior Analyst, Network Strategy
GSMA Intelligence

Sean Jackson

Freelance Writer
Mobile World Live

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