Curated Signaling Cyber Threat Intelligence

Investigating signaling cyber threat events to uncover attacker tactics, techniques and procedures. Identifying compromised networks and threat activity over time to assist security operation centres in measuring and understanding current signalling threats and risk levels.


Ongoing Signaling Threat Analysis of Cyber Attacks on Mobile Infrastructure


As a center of excellence in telecoms signaling security, we utilize the experience from global deployments of our Signaling Protection Platform to provide expert signaling security intelligence services. Our signaling security experts can augment your mobile network security team or security operation center.

Enea AdaptiveMobile’s managed Signaling Cyber Threat Intelligence service provides:

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Signaling Penetration Testing

Enea AdaptiveMobile works with industry-leading partners to provide a range of penetration testing services; enabling operators to understand the specific signaling security risks to their networks. Providing guidance on appropriate countermeasures to deploy, ensuring critical communications infrastructure is secured and subscribers and revenues are protected.

Key features
  • Rapid Assessment SS7, Diameter and GTP Penetration Testing.
  • Full Penetration and Security and Vulnerability Testing.
  • Annual Security Auditing Services.
  • Telecom Cyber Security Training Workshops.
  • Signaling Security Traffic Analysis.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence Service

Enea AdaptiveMobile’s Threat Intelligence Unit provides services for Messaging and Signaling Protection. The Signaling protection service packages are aimed at meeting the specific requirements of various operators. All services are provided using Enea AdaptiveMobile Security’s network-centric security software platform.

  • The Threat Intelligence Service collates statistics, suspect traffic profiles, and subscriber reports from around the world and generates new threat signatures that are automatically updated within each network deployment.

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Signaling Protection Services

The Enea AdaptiveMobile Threat Intelligence Unit complements the deployment of our Signaling Protection Platform to offer a set of services that meets operators needs, tailored to best understand defence and react to suspicious signaling activity using extensive expertise in signaling and mobile security.

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“We remain at the forefront of signaling research and this combined with our unique experience of protecting global Tier 1 MNO core networks for over 15 years, means that we are seen as the trusted partner as signaling security cyber threats continue to evolve and emerge.”

– Enea AdaptiveMobile


Signaling Intelligence for Mobile Operators

Real-Time Insight into Global Mobile Threats

Enea AdaptiveMobile Signaling Intelligence service helps prevent threats to 3G, 4G, and 5G networks, based on SS7, Diameter, GTP-C, http/2 and JSON protocols. Providing a unique real-time insight into global mobile signaling security threats.

Our approach to signaling security is based on our experience providing mobile telecom-managed security detection and response services to our customers.

Signaling Intelligence Managed Service

Actionable Signaling Intelligence

Discover how Enea AdaptiveMobile’s managed signaling intelligence service can help prevent signaling attacks against your network. Contact us to talk with one of our signaling security specialists.