Wi-Fi Subscriber Management

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Subscriber Management & Provisioning

All You Need to Handle Wi-Fi Subscribers

The Wi-Fi subscriber management function in Enea Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP) provides the administration and provisioning of user accounts.

We are also experts in subscriber management for cellular networks. Learn more about our network data layer functionality and data management applications.

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Wi-Fi Subscriber Management

We have designed our Wi-Fi subscriber management function to serve large-scale deployments where accounts can reside either in the built-in or external databases.

The Wi-Fi subscriber management function features voucher management, end-user self-provisioning, and specific support for wholesale of Wi-Fi services.

With the Wi-Fi subscriber management, you can:
  • View and manually create, modify and delete user accounts online
  • Generate multiple accounts and vouchers using naming conventions
  • Batch import and export multiple user accounts using CSV files
  • A flexible search of user data based on value, key, or both using wildcards
  • Refund credit card transactions
  • Set e-mail notifications for users for account expiry

The Aptilo system supports authentication look-up from external sources based on Active Directory, LDAP, SOAP/XML, RSA SecurID, RADIUS, and Diameter.

Hierarchical accounts

The Aptilo hierarchical account structure allows a whole family to share the same primary account while still having individual devices as sub-accounts.

Hierarchical accounts for family/multiple device Wi-Fi subscriber management and subscriber provisioning.

The administrator of the primary account can add and delete all sub-accounts under the primary account through a web-self care portal.

The quota for time and data set for the primary account can be distributed over the sub-accounts, e.g., devices. In this example, the family may have 200 GB per month and select how much data each device should get. There can also be different ratings applied for different sub-accounts.

The hierarchical account structure is very flexible. There are many applications for which hierarchical accounts are an ideal solution. These are the most common examples:

  • Multiple devices per subscriber sharing the same quota
  • Add a MAC-based account for some time for seamless access (remember me function)
  • Hundreds of people at an event sharing the same voucher account.

Voucher Management

The service provider can create vouchers with the optional voucher management module, including access codes and serial numbers associated with a pre-defined account type in the Aptilo SMP.

Physical voucher cards are handy, e.g., to top up an existing prepaid account or during a service launch (promotion).


The voucher management module supports:
  • E-vouchers with one-time access codes.
  • Batch generation of vouchers, including access codes and serial numbers, can be used for external physical voucher creation.
  • Import/export voucher codes from/to other systems with CSV files.
  • Batch creation of multiple physical vouchers in PDF format.
  • Wholesale support; the wholesale operator can virtually supply multiple service providers with their own voucher generator, allowing them to sell wireless access under their brand.