Healthcare Wi-Fi

Bring a home away from home experience to patients.

Better Care and Patient Experience

With Healthcare Wi-Fi

Healthcare Wi-Fi is the key to better care and patient experience. It’s as close to a home away from home experience as patients can get in the digital age. In addition, use the Wi-Fi service as a digital, location-based information board and provide long-term Internet access to contractors.


Enterprise and Hospitality Wi-Fi

Healthcare Wi-Fi is a hybrid between Enterprise Guest Access and Hospitality Wi-Fi

Healthcare Wi-Fi solutions need to have Enterprise guest Wi-Fi functions. This includes setting up long-term accounts for contracted staff, allowing them to access selected equipment such as printers from their own devices.

A complete healthcare Wi-Fi solution also includes Hospitality Wi-Fi functions. Patients may pay for premium access, such as extra bandwidth for streaming video. Many healthcare providers also provide hotel facilities where patients can stay with their families.


Benefits for Patients

  • Patients can make video and voice calls with friends and family.
  • Patients in recovery can be keeping up with school or work.
  • Healthcare professionals can visually show patients the exact implications of a given treatment.
  • Patients can research their treatment using their own devices.
  • Wi-Fi is as close to a home-away-from-home experience as you can get when you’re in a hospital.
  • Patients can go about their daily routines through social media and online TV.
  • The captive portals can inform patients about things they otherwise may miss.
  • The information can be localized down to a single department.

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Healthcare Wi-Fi as a Digital Information Board

It used to be that the captive portal was a tool to prevent Internet access for people that hadn’t paid for the Wi-Fi service. Now, it is a powerful tool to communicate with your customers – the patients.

Why not use the captive portal to inform patients of practical details in your department? You will not need the IT department to keep the portal up to date. With our captive portal manager, anyone, for example, the head nurse of a department, can make those updates. It is also possible to schedule updates of portals in time.

The information can be local; Wi-Fi zones can be defined down to a single Wi-Fi access point.

Get Our Most Wanted Functions

We have collected the most wanted enterprise guest Wi-Fi functions in our cloud service – the Enea Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud.

Or Built Something Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Our cloud service should cover most of a healthcare center’s needs. We have deployed healthcare Wi-Fi at large providers such as Dignity Health (former Catholic Healthcare West) and Medstar Health. However, suppose you have special requirements and need advanced integration. In that case, you may choose the Enea Aptilo SMP (software) or SMP-S (service on AWS) with the Enea Aptilo SMP Venue Wi-Fi Manager instead.