About Enea


We have been innovators ever since Enea was founded in 1968. Our software development engineers are driven by a passion for new technology. Although the company has transformed from an IT consultancy firm to a software vendor, we have always been solving customers’ problems with innovative solutions.

More Than 50 Years of Communication Driven Products

Many of our ideas have been genuinely pioneering. One of the first assignments was to produce a data management solution for an air traffic control system. The client, the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration, obviously applied very stringent standards on availability and low latency. It’s no exaggeration to say that with the development and delivery of a real-time operating system back in the late 60s, we made history.

Our success in operating systems paved the way for developing new products and applications for other sectors. In 1985, we launched Enea OSE, now one of the world’s most widely used operating systems. Ericsson and Nokia have been using this product in their radio base stations for several generations of mobile networks.

In the same decade, we became a pioneer and visionary in electronic communication and the Internet. The company was the first in the Nordics to connect to the Internet, received the first email in Sweden, and registered the country’s first Internet domain. In this early stage, Enea was the hub of all Internet traffic in Sweden.

We were also part of the emergence of mobile data communication. The latest version of Enea OSE was central to Ericsson’s global rollout of GSM networks in the 90s. In base stations, our real-time operating system enabled the routing of calls, and later, mobile data communication. The first mobile version of HTML (the Internet text formatting language) was also developed by us.

In recent years, acquisitions have helped strengthen our position in strategic market segments. The integration of Qosmos, Openwave Mobility, Aptilo, and AdaptiveMobile Security, has expanded our portfolio and added the market’s best solutions for embedded traffic intelligence, mobile video traffic management, service provider Wi-Fi and mobile network security.