Corporate Governance

Environmental Policy

Enea Group Environmental Policy


The Enea Group Environmental Policy covers directives related to company’s environmental impact and applies to the company’s subsidiaries and joint ventures. The objectives are to:

  • Provide guidance on how the environmental impact can be reduced
  • Meet expectations of key stakeholders, including investors, customers, partners, employees, and suppliers
  • Ensure adherence to laws and regulations
  • Protect investments and shareholders’ value
  • Ensure that strategies and objectives are not jeopardized



Enea is a company that develops telecom and cybersecurity software. Enea recognizes that its business activities have an impact on the environment and is committed to continuously reduce this impact and to help customers create solutions that require less energy and use resources more efficiently.

All Enea employees are required to sign off on the policy.



Enea strives to protect the environment by developing software in a sustainable way. The company manages, monitors, and continually reduces its environmental impact through an ESG program. Enea is committed to comply with legislative requirements, and other relevant regulations concerning the environmental impact of its operations.

Enea will therefore:

  • Regularly gather the latest information on environmental regulations and adapt our environmental program accordingly
  • Quantify, track, and report our greenhouse gas emissions
  • Continuously work to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and pollution
  • Identify and implement energy saving initiatives in offices and data centers
  • Facilitate the transition to renewable energy sources
  • Recycle office materials, phones, and computers
  • Avoid environmental risks associated with the operations
  • Educate employees to further increase environmental awareness
  • Encourage customers and suppliers to take responsibility for their environmental impact
  • Manage outsourcing and purchasing in accordance with the policy