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World’s First Complete Carrier Wi-Fi Service Management SaaS

Enea Aptilo WiFi SMP as a Service

Today we launch the Enea Aptilo Wi-Fi Service Management Platform as a Service (SMP-S). This is the industry’s first complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to launch and monetize Wi-Fi services.

It is delivered as a dedicated instance per customer at Amazon Web Services (AWS). This enables service providers to have a self-contained secure service with the same flexibility to tailor-make functions as the Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi software provides for on-premise deployment. It is simply a fully-fledged Aptilo SMP delivered as a service rather than software.

Service providers with a homegrown or legacy Wi-Fi service management system can modernize their back-end by adding the functionality they need from Aptilo SMP-S in the cloud on top of what they already have.

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