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The De Facto Industry Standard for Embedded DPI & IP Classification Technology

With 75% market share, Qosmos technology is the de facto industry-standard for DPI and IP classification software embedded in networking and security products.

Enea's embedded traffic intelligence products classify traffic in real-time and provide granular information about network activities. Available as an advanced classification engine SDK or a standalone network sensor, they support an extensive range of protocols and provide detailed traffic visibility to network equipment, telecom solutions, and cybersecurity software.

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Enea Qosmos ixEngine

Detailed Traffic Intelligence Up To Layer 7

Qosmos ixEngine is an embedded software engine that uses Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and advanced analytics to bring detailed, real-time intelligence into all IP traffic, including evasive and encrypted traffic. It enables cybersecurity, networking and communications solution vendors to bring innovative, high-quality products to market quickly.

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Enea Qosmos Probe

Standalone Network Sensor for Granular Visibility into Network Activity

The Qosmos Probe is a non-intrusive sensor that provides in-depth intelligence on network traffic. It uses Qosmos ixEngine market-leading technology to identify the application behind each IP session and deliver detailed flow, protocol, and application metadata.

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