Watch: What It Really Takes to Be the #1 Mobile Operator

On Tuesday Enea hosted the Mobile Video Industry Council (MOVIC) Live. It is an exclusive event dedicated to 4G/5G mobile video. Over 35 of the world’s top operators joined the discussion to examine the most pressing mobile video traffic issues facing operators globally. And we shared the lessons our teams have learned on the ground working with carriers. You can watch the video by simply registering here.

This is a snapshot of the topics we covered:

Data Speed Testing: Latest hints and tips: Attendees gained insight on what it takes to be #1 on carrier speed tests. What do you really need to know about the measurements conducted by organisations like Tutela, OpenSignal, and Ookla?

RAN Congestion: Lessons from the field: MOVIC members learnt about the crippling encryption and the emerging technologies that could impact them. They heard about QUIC and what could happen next on the network and why UDP and TCP acceleration need vastly different approaches.

The attendees also examined the new breed of encryption protocols lurking on the horizon.

We found that 18% of operators are unaware of these new protocols and the dangers they pose to networks. This is a potential threat every operator needs to be aware of.

Trends: The shifting landscape of mobile video: Mobile operators then discovered the hidden impacts of the decisions taken by Facebook, Google and OTTs on mobile networks. They also learnt how upstream video is now affecting mobile networks globally.

Unique subscriber perspectives: Attendees then examined the “New normal” for mobile operators and the reality of new post-pandemic congestion management. The pandemic has forever changed mobile traffic management strategies for operators.

Finally, we went through the results from a landmark consumer survey on Parental Controls. It was conducted among 4,000 parents in the US, UK, Spain, France, Italy and Germany and they revealed what they really want from mobile operators – and how much they were willing to pay. Watch our MOVIC Live! event and find out – are you actually a family friendly operator?

Watch MOVIC Live here

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