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Enea Expands and Strengthens Multicore Strategy with Enhanced Linux Offering

Leading Vendor will now have Comprehensive Multicore Offering Featuring Platforms based on RTOS, Linux, DSP RTOS, and System Level Development Tools.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, February 2, 2011 – Enea has recently strengthened and enhanced its Linux offering to better serve its current and future customers who are building heterogeneous multicore systems.  The two initial pieces of this strategy include an alliance with leading independent Linux vendor Timesys and the joining of the Linux Foundation.        

Strategic Agreement with Timesys

The company has entered into a strategic alliance with Timesys whereby Enea will not only be a reseller of the LinuxLink development environment, but will also use that technology to build value added platforms that combine Linux and Enea’s own proprietary technology.  Now Enea can better support developers who are looking to deploy realtime operating systems (RTOS), Linux and bare metal environments on the same multicore processor to achieve the optimum blend of performance, manageability and programmability. 

Breadth and Depth of Enea’s Support for Linux

Enea has long track record of supporting and delivering Linux to customers.  In 2007, Enea acquired QiValue, a leading northern European supplier of Linux consulting services.  QiValue later evolved into the Enea Linux Competence Center (ELCC) and became the go-to source for Linux expertise in the region.  In 2009, the ELCC released the Enea Linux Project Framework, a lightweight Linux development and configuration environment designed to jumpstart Linux projects.  In the spring of 2010 Enea announced a strategic agreement with Netlogic to deliver an integrated Linux build and configuration environment including Linux technical support for the multicore XLR, XLS, and XLP processors.  That environment is available today.

Enea’s latest Linux consulting offering is the Enea Android Competence center which focuses on the platform level of Android.  The Enea Android Competence Center has, in a short time, established itself as a top supplier of Android platform level services, training and knowledge.  The Center’s blog ( is widely read for its deep technical knowledge and creative application demonstrations. 

Extensive Portfolio of Software Complementary to Linux

Enea support of Linux goes beyond services and frameworks to a number of technologies complementary to Linux including the Enea Hypervisor, designed to permit the coexistence of Linux and the Enea OSE RTOS on multicore processors; Enea LINX for Linux, an open source and high-performance inter-process communication technology; and Enea dSPEED for managing multicore DSPs and DSP clusters.  In addition, several Enea products are designed to work with Linux out of the box including Enea Element, middleware which provides high-availability and application development services for mission critical and communications applications; Polyhedra, the company’s fault-tolerant relational database management system and the Enea Netbricks family of NGN telecom and signalling protocols.                   

Joins Linux Foundation

In addition to the Timesys partnership Enea is joining the Linux Foundation.  As a result, Enea will be better able to serve its current and future customers by contributing to improvements in the code base especially as they pertain to telecom and embedded systems where the company has over 42 years of experience.  Also, Enea expects to be better able to influence the future direction of Linux though participation in technical projects, workgroups and other forums within the organization. 

The Future

As Enea looks to its future, the company is now able to offer a more complete package of software and services to customers who wish to source their Linux from a well-established, global and independent vendor.  However and perhaps more importantly, Enea now has the building blocks to deploy an entire system solution featuring Linux, RTOS and bare metal operating environments.  The company expects to deliver integrated solutions-oriented platforms to address the complexity inherent in the transition to, and programming of, multicore processors.  Enea will work closely with its leading semiconductor vendor partners to deliver enhanced Linux Support Packages, improved ease of use, and faster time to market.