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Meet Enea's experts at RSAC 2023 and find out why Qosmos ixEngine is the #1 choice for network traffic visibility in cybersecurity solutions!

With 75% market share, Enea Qosmos ixEngine is the preferred next-generation DPI engine for traffic identification and classification. It delivers the L2-L7 visibility required for high performance threat prevention and detection.

Qosmos ixEngine is the top choice for SSE, SASE, SD-WAN, and SWG vendors looking to improve solution performance through improved traffic visibility.

Get One Step Ahead with Enea’s Qosmos Embedded DPI & Traffic Intelligence!

  • Raise the effectiveness of ZTNA with detailed application classification and contextual metadata.
  • Enhance the performance of your FWaaS, SWG, NGFW, NDR & XDR by combining next-generation DPI with Suricata.
  • See into encrypted traffic! Qosmos ixEngine can identify and classify encrypted traffic without decryption and from the first packet.
  • Improve ML-based threat hunting with enriched network traffic data to boost accuracy and performance.
  • Choose exceptional product support. Our local support teams are trusted extensions of our customers’ teams, providing global 24/7 assistance and product customization. Our roadmaps are designed around customer needs and priorities.
Get One Step Ahead with Qosmos Embedded DPI and Traffic Intelligence technology!

The Market’s Most Deployed Next-Gen DPI Engine

Qosmos ixEngine Key Features include:

  • Market-leading DPI coverage and accuracy: 4000 protocols & applications, 5900 types of metadata
  • First Packet Advantage (uniquely accurate 1st packet processing capability)
  • Optional modules to accelerate development (e.g., VPP plugin, Rules Engine)
  • Flexible form factors (SDK, CNF, VNF, standalone SW sensor)

Qosmos ixEngine also provides unique security insights & indicators, including:

  • ML-enhanced encrypted traffic classification & categorization
  • Classification of evasive and anomalous traffic
  • Complex tunneling visibility: full paths for up to 16 levels of encapsulation
  • Extraction of files and embedded links
  • Detection of potential Man-in-the-Middle attacks