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Wi-Fi Offloading Why? Chapter 7: We have Overcapacity, no need for Wi-Fi Offloading.

Wi-Fi Offloading, Why? – Chapter 7

“We Have Overcapacity – No Need for Wi-Fi Offloading”

This is what you will hear asking the more technical part of your organization about the prospect of using Wi-Fi Offloading. They are not lying. You probably have overcapacity in your cellular network, but most likely only on an average level.

White Paper: Wi-Fi Offloading – Why?

This is an excerpt from our white paper, Wi-Fi Offloading – Why? The full white paper is available here if you like what you read. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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MNOs only have overcapacity on an average, there is always congestions in some cell sites.

Yes, the overcapacity statement is likely only true on an average level looking at the whole cellular network.

As discussed extensively in this paper, Wi-Fi Offloading is primarily about providing indoor coverage. But it also plays a role in adding capacity at the right locations. Take a mobile operator stating they have overcapacity with only 60% utilization. No matter how well they plan their network, there will always be congested cell sites. We call this the “churn zone,” as users may be frustrated and find a competitor that provides better coverage and capacity.

We suggest that mobile operators do selective Wi-Fi Offloading at those locations to provide the best possible user experience.

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