Two Breakthrough Products – Two Breakthrough Awards for Openwave Mobility’s NFV Innovation

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Henry Ford’s quote emphasizes what it takes for a company to achieve success. By incorporating this strategy, Openwave Mobility recently won not one but two prestigious awards at Network Virtualization & SDN Europe, an Informa event that focuses on the future of network virtualization.

Both award categories were judged by an independent panel of leading industry analysts and specialists, and honors were presented at a gala awards ceremony on May 22. Openwave Mobility’s solutions were chosen as the clear winners over products from some of the world’s largest network equipment providers.

Most Innovative NFV & SDN Solution

Openwave’s AI-based RAN Congestion Manager won Most Innovative NFV & SDN Solution. RCM helps operators realize significant network traffic optimization, as they deploy virtual network function (VNF) components that have the agility to distinguish flows, monitor real time QoE and optimize the use of RAN resources. It gives operators an unparalleled view of congestion across the RAN and enables them to take selective policy actions and boost subscriber QoE without requiring RAN integration.

RCN works across traffic from all RAN vendors and across all spectrums, without the need for external probes or packet core integration. The fully automated system monitors IP packets on the data plane and gives a complete view of congestion in the network via the RCM Dashboard. As such, it precisely predicts congested locations, enabling video optimization technology to balance radio resources across users and deliver fair and consistent video quality to all users.

RCM also was chosen because it adapts to traffic in real time, enabling operators to leverage machine learning to manage congestion in the radio access network and deliver outstanding quality of experience. Judges recognized the unique capabilities of the solution, which is fully virtualized and dynamically detects and predicts localized congestion at each network attachment point.

Cutting-Edge Virtualization Proof of Concept (PoC)

The second award for Cutting-Edge Virtualization Proof of Concept (PoC) was given to Stratum Cloud Data Manager, an NFV telco common data layer that enables operators to securely store and access data from any virtualized application. Stratum is especially important for 5G networks, where operators face stateless network functions – services that do not store data from one session to the next.

As a cloud-native solution, Stratum gives operators a 5G virtualized common data layer that securely stores and accesses data from any virtualized application. Judges noted that Stratum provides an agile 5G data layer that eliminates data siloes and vendor lock-in, while supporting the seamless 5G vision of high-value services that can be activated on demand for any user or entity.

“It’s extremely gratifying to have our solutions recognized as the best in the industry by an independent panel of experts who clearly understand the impact of our solutions for today’s operators,” said Fergus Wills, Diector of Product Management. “We are committed to an aggressive strategy of continual innovation to introduce solutions that support operators as they digitally transform and deploy next-generation networks.”

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