SMS Spam Protection

Is your network or communications platform carrying unwanted SMS spam and smishing text messages? Protect your reputation by securing trust in your network. 


Smishing is a Rapidly Evolving Threat to Mobile Subscribers

Unwanted spam text messages ranging from unsolicited marketing communications to dangerous phishing scams increased by 58% between 2021 and 2022. At best, SMS spam text messages are cause for annoyance to the receiver. At worst, malicious scam messages lead to devastating financial consequences for those who fall victim to attacks. As smishing and other scam techniques continue to evolve rapidly, they become increasingly difficult for mobile subscribers to recognize.

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Smishing and Social Engineering Attacks

SMS Phishing, known as Smishing scams often involve a scammer masquerading as a legitimate organization. Bank smishing scams are among the most common, with threat actors using social engineering to trick victims into handing over sensitive information like banking credentials. Once obtained, the victims personal details can be used to commit theft and a range of other fraudulent attacks against the individual.

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Spam Messages and Your Business

Mobile Network Operators

Dangerous scam messages using your network to target victims risk the security, financial welfare, and personal privacy of mobile subscribers. The presence of these SMS spam  threats leads to additional customer complaints and erodes trust in the network, damaging brand reputation and risking significant financial losses caused by customer churn. If a mobile network is not properly secured, operators also run the risk of their network being used to target subscribers on other mobile networks, having further implications for the operator’s reputation.  

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Spam Messages and Your Business

CPaaS Providers and Aggregators

SMS Spam traffic originating from CPaaS providers can lead to operators disconnecting them from the network, preventing delivery of customer messages. Service disruptions severely impact customer experience, leading to reputational damage, revenue loss, and reduced profitability for CPaaS providers