Messaging Security

Advanced URL Classification for SMS, MMS, and RCS

Detect smishing URLs in SMS, MMS, and RCS in real time. Even the never-before seen.

Advanced Real-time URL Filtering for Smishing Protection

URL classification uses intelligent algorithms to analyze and classify URLs in messages in real-time, filtering any message containing smishing (SMS phishing) links. MNOs and CPaaS providers benefit from URL classification by ensuring subscribers receive only legitimate and relevant messages from trusted sources. Compared to traditional URL filtering, URL classification adds a significant security layer to the messaging firewalls’ scam protection, complementing fingerprinting and behavior-based filtering to provide the highest possible accuracy.


  • Blocks every single smishing message

    The Adaptive Messaging Firewall instantly blocks every message containing a bad URL. This is possible thanks to the firewall’s real-time detection of malicious links, which does not rely on time-consuming off-site analyses.

  • Catches “zero-day” scams

    Even never-before-seen malicious URLs are detected within milliseconds, allowing the firewall to block messages with “zero-day” smishing links instantly.

  • Protects privacy

    Only intelligent algorithms scan messages and analyze URLs. Because no human intervention is involved and data is not sent off-site, privacy is well protected.

Man receiving fraudulent sms with smishing URL.

True Real-Time Filtering of Zero-Day Scam URLs

The Adaptive Messaging Firewall conducts real-time URL checks for all messages, instantly blocking every single message with bad URLs, even the very first one.

Unlike other systems that rely on sending information to a central location for analysis, the Adaptive Messaging Firewall operates locally, significantly reducing latency. This means it can block smishing messages in real-time without the delay of offline analysis. A delay of only a few seconds means the firewall must let through messages while checking the URL status, as it cannot hold messages for several seconds.

The intelligence in the Adaptive Massaging Firewall does not rely on this lookup. Instead, it investigates specific URL aspects and blocks smishing messages with very high accuracy.

The Adaptive Messaging Firewall’s advanced intelligence allows it to detect ‘zero-day’ smishing links, which are links that have never been seen or analyzed. These links, often created programmatically and used for a short period, pose a significant threat that our firewall is uniquely equipped to handle.