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Scalable Infrastructure Management for Embedded and Cloud-Based Systems by Enea

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Sept 23, 2014. Enea (NASDAQ OMX Nordic: ENEA), a leading
operating system solution vendor within the communications domain, today announced version
3.4.0 of Enea Element. In the light of recent market consolidation, customers can rely on Enea as
one of few remaining independent software vendors to deliver distributed systems management
and embedded management frameworks for virtualized network functions.

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) give telecom operators a rapid increase of network capacity, and allows for existing application execution on special hardware to be run on COTS hardware. This brings lower purchase and maintenance costs, along with easier hosting in big server clusters in the cloud. Since more functionality resides in software, the networks get simpler and cheaper to upgrade and it is easier to distribute load and share resources in the systems.

“Networks and the connected endpoint devices and services must be managed while providing service, i.e. while they’re running, without mistakes and disruptions when performing system configurations”, said Daniel Forsgren, SVP Product Management, Enea. “The Enea Element Embedded Management Framework (EMF) provides all that is needed within a device or service, whether it’s part of the network or an endpoint in the interconnected web of services and devices”.

Enea Element lowers the barriers for application development on complex distributed hardware, and provides the necessary functionality for mission critical applications in the network. When developing a network application designers can focus on the differentiating features regardless of the underlying hardware architecture.