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Polyhedra® Lite In-Memory Relational Database System Freeware Available Now from Enea

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, October 11, 2012 – Enea® (NASDAQ OMX Nordic:ENEA), the world’s leading operating system solution vendor for 3G and 4G infrastructure equipment, is today announcing the availability of Polyhedra Lite, the freeware version of the in-memory database system Polyhedra.

The Polyhedra products are targeted especially at embedded systems developers, where features such as fault-tolerance are critical. For many, though, high availability is not of paramount concern, and they only want a fast but flexible relational database system for personal use or for use in-house.

Polyhedra Lite is a freeware with reduced-functionality compared to the full 32-bit mode version of Polyhedra, and is available for Windows (on x86) and Linux (on x86 and the Raspberry Pi, plus selected Enea Linux platforms).

The main features of this relational client-server database management system are that

  • it is fully ACID-compliant,
  • it can be accessed via ODBC and JDBC using SQL,
  • the client applications can be on the same machine, or on a different one,
  • active queries allow one application to detect when the database has been changed, avoiding the need for polling,
  • to improve both performance and data integrity, part or all of your 'business logic' can be attached directly to the database, using the CL trigger language.

Support services are available at an annual fee based on the number of systems on which the Polyhedra Lite software is installed.

For more information on how to download Polyhedra Lite installation kits, please visit