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Enea’s First Packet Advantage Boosts Performance and Fuels Innovation for SD-WAN and SASE Vendors

Enea is pleased to announce the availability of First Packet Advantage, a major enhancement of the Enea Qosmos ixEngine®, Enea’s embedded DPI-based traffic intelligence engine. With this new capability, vendors of SD-WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions can gain an immediate performance advantage, and better position themselves for major industry changes, including fully encrypted environments and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven orchestration and analytics.

First packet processing is a technique for identifying applications and services in network traffic from the very first packet in a flow. This enables the instantaneous execution of application-specific rules, such as those related to unique bandwidth, latency, or security requirements.

As Roy Chua, Founder and Principal of AvidThink, states, “Application awareness is essential for SD-WAN and SASE solutions, but many conventional traffic classification engines score poorly in accuracy, granularity and performance. A solution like Enea’s First Packet Advantage, that operates with high accuracy in first packet mode, brings improved protection and performance to vendors and end-customers. First Packet Advantage’s multi-tier cache system that includes hundreds of millions of continuously updated, DPI-validated IP address and application matches represents Enea’s strong innovation in the field.”

This new approach translates to an immediate performance boost for today’s SD-WAN and SASE solutions. It also delivers the data precision and lightning-fast processing required for AI-powered orchestration in the SD-WAN market, and AI-based security operations management and threat analytics in SASE solutions, which provide integrated SD-WAN and security functions as a cloud service.

First Packet Advantage is also unique in its ability to deliver robust security-related information in addition to application and service classification. This enhances existing security capabilities for SASE vendors and supports product evolution for SD-WAN vendors. Specifically, the security-related data enables SD-WAN vendors to enhance their offer with new security rules, to develop firewalls and other key security components as part of a Secure SD-WAN solution, or to evolve their offer into complete, cloud-based SASE solutions.

In addition, First Packet Advantage’s ability to accurately identify protocols, applications and services in encrypted streams will be especially valuable as the use of encryption expands and stronger, more rigorous encryption standards are adopted. These changes will expand the situations in which proxies cannot be deployed to decrypt and inspect traffic, or in which doing so will become undesirable for performance reasons. In those instances, First Packet Advantage will act as an important safeguard to ensure vendors can maintain the critical visibility required to optimize performance and avert threats.

Jean-Philippe Lion, Senior Vice President of the Enterprise Business Unit at Enea, says: “As a provider of embedded software for enterprise networking, telecom and cybersecurity solution vendors, every innovative stride made by our R&D department empowers our customers to develop new solutions that meet the constantly evolving challenges of network operations. This type of innovation is especially important in dynamic markets like SD-WAN and SASE, where competition is fierce, and the pace of change is intense.”

Enea’s embedded traffic intelligence products classify traffic in real-time and provide granular information about network activities. The portfolio includes the Enea Qosmos ixEngine and the Enea Qosmos Probe. The products support a wide range of protocols and are delivered as software development kits or standalone network sensors to network equipment manufacturers, telecom suppliers, and vendors of cybersecurity software.



Erik Larsson, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communication
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